BotCon 2006 Saturday Awards Party and Casino Night!

The food was amazing!

Hungry Transfans


Food with friends.


Good food - fun games.

Hit me!

A game of chance

A huge turnout!

There are no words...

MORE bingo!


BotCon staff

Old friends

Staring down the barrel of trouble.

Long time fans

Talking Transformers

The wheel of destiny.

Hasbro folks

Musical guest Adrian James

A 'not-so-disguised' robot.

Adrian James

Adrian James

Adrian James

Adrian James

Adrian James

Aaron and Pete

A 'who's who' of Transfandom

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Brian and some of the staff

Aaron Archer

Aaron Archer

An attentive crowd

"And now the winners..."

3rd Place 2-D Art (computer generated)
S. Justin Vinson

2nd Place 2-D Art (computer generated)
Jeff Thostenson
"Robots in Disguise"

1st Place 2-D Art (computer generated)
Peter Billingham
"Optimus Prime "

2-D Art (computer generated) -Winners

3rd Place 2-D Art (hand drawn color)
Kristin Jazz

2nd Place 2-D Art (hand drawn color)
Timothy Miller
"Optimus Prime Stained Glass"

1st Place 2-D Art (hand drawn color)
James Gouig
"Dinobots Merge for the Kill "

(photo not available)

2-D Art (hand drawn color) -Winners

3rd Place 2-D Art (hand drawn B&W)
S. Justin Vinson
"Never Turn Your Back"

2nd Place 2-D Art (hand drawn B&W)
Vernon Moore

1st Place 2-D Art (hand drawn B&W)
Louis Simmons
"Eye of Darkness"

2-D Art (hand drawn B&W) - Winners

3rd Place Custom Figure - Wm Koshorek
"Heart of Steel Magatron"

2nd Place Custom Figure - Orson Christian
"California Hwy Patrol Prowl"

1st Place Custom Figure - Cory Frizzell
"Heart of Steel Magatron"

Blurry Custom Figure Winners

3rd Place Diorama - Barry Mazzoni
"Bathtime Fun"

2nd Place Diorama - Boyd Moore
"Wedding of the Century"

1st Place Diorama - Shane Maddox
"G-1 Devastator / Project 3/21 "

Diorama Winners

Best Website - News Category

Best Website - Design

Best Website - Resource

Website Winners

Greg Lombardo and Brian Savage

The BIG announcement!

Greg Lombardo

Robots with Hasbro and Brian

Lanny, Brian and Friends

Rik and Arianna from Sony BMG

The Moores

Lanny, Rik and Brian

Elvin and Lanny- word!