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BotCon Update!Update 6/05/09 - Thanks to everyone who participated in BotCon 2009 in Pasadena! This was the greatest BotCon ever!

The location for the 2010 event is TBD, but we hope to see you all there, no matter where it is!

Update 6/03/09 - Check out the pics from Saturday Page 1 and Page 2 at BotCon 2009. There was fun at every turn!

More pics added from Sunday at BotCon 2009. It was simply amazing!

Update 6/02/09 - BotCon sponsor "SHOUT Factory" opened up this year's Film Fest with a special features from their G1 DVD release and gave away DVD sets to lucky attendees!

Also, we have added the images from this year's contests click here!

Update 6/01/09 - Check out the GREAT images of the BotCon 2009 Friday Preview event!

Update 5/31/09 - A local TV station did a spot about the Transformers Challege during their morning show! Check out the 'behind the scenes photos'!

Update 5/31/09 - Photos from The Party at Paramount are now up!

Update 5/29/09 - Photos from Thursday Night at BotCon are now up!

Update 5/28/09 - The BotCon 2009 Souvenir Figures go on sale tonight for the first time. Check out the display posters of these great toys as seen at BotCon tonight!

Mark Ryan!Update 5/22/09 - We are happy to announce the final planned guest that will be in attendance at BotCon 2009 - Mark Ryan!

Mark will be attending along with the IDW crew and will be at IDW's booth, so be sure to stop by...Read More!

TF Writers!Update 5/21/09 - The writers are coming, the writers are coming! Roberto and Alex will be joining us at BotCon on Friday (May 29th) for a special Transformers Movie Q&A panel and autographs later in the afternoon...Read More!

Also, we have posted the Official BotCon 2009 Schedule of Events...Click Here!

Update 5/20/09 - BotCon Pre-Registration is now closed. You will need to come to Late- Registration Friday May 29, at 9:30 AM at the Pasadena Convention Center. Quantities are limited and are not guaranteed. Please bring cash, Master Card, Visa or Discover. You may want to arrive early to get a good spot in line.

Customizing Class members will meet at the Sheraton Hotel. Room location is the Colorado Room. Class times for Wed & Thurs. is 9-5 pm. No one will be seated after 9:15am.

All Tour Guests (Wednesday & Thursday) need to meet in front on the Pasadena Convention Center @ 300 E Green Street to depart for tours. This location has been changed from what was stated in the confirmation letter you received. See brochure for details on times and events for each tour.

All class and tour participants get to pick up their packages on Wednesday night @9:30 pm in the Pasadena Convention Center in front of Exhibit A.

G1 Writers!Update 5/18/09 - BotCon is proud to announce our latest guest Peter Cullen! Peter will be joining us on Saturday for two one hour autograph sessions and a panel! Golden-throated PETER CULLEN (Optimus Prime) is known throughout the world not only as the voice of the wise and heroic leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, on the popular 1980s cartoon series, "The Transformers," but he was also the voice of various other robots including Ironhide, Slugslinger, Streetwise, Wingspan and Nightstick...Read More!

Pre-Convention registration is now closed for packages. If you want to register as a Primus, Protoform (no medals left for this package) or add a MiniCon to your package, you must now come to Late Registration at the Pasadena Convention Center Friday, May 29.

General Admission is available on Saturday and Sunday. Please see the General Admission page for details.

Update 5/15/09 - All Booths and Dealer Tables are SOLD OUT!

G1 Writers!Update 5/07/09 - Our next set of guests are some of the writers from G1. Bryce Malek, David Wise, Flint Dille and Paul Davids will be joining us on Sunday May 31st for a G1 writers panel...Read More!

We have also added a preview of the ultra-cool BotCon 2009 Box design and artwork...Click Here!

Hasbro Toys!Update 5/06/09 - Hasbro's excited to announce that Transformers fans attending BotCon 2009 in Pasadena, California, later this month (May 28-31) will have the opportunity to be some of the first fans anywhere to buy all-new movie toys of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Starting on Thursday, May 28, attendees can purchase the new movie toys at the Transformers Collectors' Club store at the show. (Note: While supplies last!)

This special inventory of product will feature an official "First Buy" gold foil sticker, adding to their collectability!

ShoutFactory!Update 5/05/09 - We are proud to have Shout! Factory as the sponsor of BotCon 2009's Film Festival. Shout! will be unveiling the Transformers: The Complete First Season DVD set, as well as the complete Generation 1 Matrix Of Leadership Collector's Set. For more company information...Click Here!

Read more details about the upcoming Transformers Season One box set and the Generation 1 Matrix of Leadership collectors set!

Michael McConnohie!Update 5/04/09 - BotCon is excited to announce Michael McConnohie as our next guest. Michael voiced Tracks and Comos and will be joining us on Sunday May 31 for autographs and a panel with Gregg Berger...Read More!

Also, On Saturday, May 30th, kids ages 5 to 14 will be able to participate in the Official TRANSFORMERS Challenge, which will award prizes based on how quickly kids can convert TRANSFORMERS toys from robot mode to vehicle mode. Read the Official rules...Click Here!

Weird Al!Update 5/01/09 - For all you BotCon fans, now is the time to "Dare to Be Stupid"! Our next big guest? The one, the only "WEIRD AL" Yankovic! You read that right. "Weird Al" is coming to BotCon on Saturday, May 30th! Al will be available for a very LIMITED number of autographs, but only Primus package holders will be able to get in the line...Read More!

David Kaye!Update 4/30/09 - BotCon announces another fan favorite voice actor and guest - David Kaye! David is aka: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Galvatron, Grimlock, Lugnut, etc. etc. and will be joining us on Saturday May 30th for a panel and autograph session! He will also be joining us at the Party at Paramount! See you there...Read More!

Movie Poster!Update 4/29/09 - Addition to the Party at Paramount! Each attendee to the Party at Paramount will receive a FREE Official Paramount Theatre Poster at the conclusion of the event. We are not sure at this time exactly what it will look like, but here is the current Poster they are using. This poster is approximately 28" x 42".

Vince DiCola!Guest Update - BotCon is excited about our next guest Vince DiCola! Vince will be with us the entire weekend and will be appearing with Stan Bush in the concert being held during the Party at Paramount! Vince and Stan will be hosting a Transformers' Music Panel during the weekend and will be available for autographs....Read More!

Read our News Archive...Click Here!

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