BotCon 2010!

RapidoUpdate 7/01/10 - The english version of the Tech Spec for the 2010 BotCon exclusive: Rapido is now available for everyone to see.

Click the thumbnail to check it out!


2010 UpdateUpdate 6/25/10 - BotCon 2010 is underway! Keep checking the "Live From BotCon" link at the top of the left hand menu to check out all the photos and fun from the event.


StreetstarUpdate 6/15/10 - BotCon 2010 has the artists! Looking for an amazing art print and/or a cool sketch of your favorite TF character? Then be sure to stop by and meet Alex Milne, Marcelo Matere, Dan Khanna and Matt Moylan. All will have tables in the dealer room and be available during the weekend for autographs and more!

2010 UpdateUpdate 6/14/10 - Registration is now closed. Primus packages are sold out. If you are interested in one of the available Protoform packages, please come to Late Registration, Friday June 25 at 9:30am at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Convention Center - Pacific Hall. See the Information tab for details on packages.

General Admission tickets are available at the door on Saturday June 26th and Sunday June 27th. See General Admission tab for more information.

2010 UpdateUpdate 6/11/10 - We have added the 2010 BotCon Schedule of Events along with the list of Panels and Seminars! Make sure to click the corresponding buttons on the main BotCon graphic (above) to view each file.

Scott McNeilUpdate 6/08/10 - Our next Special Guest at the show is voice actor: Scott McNeil! He is well known for the voices of several Transformers and Beast Wars characters, including Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, and Silverbolt. Read his profile to see all his other character voices...Click Here!

Peter CullenUpdate 6/07/10 - The next Special Guest at the show is voice actor: Paul Eiding! He was the voice of Perceptor from the original Transformers: Generation 1 cartoon. Read his profile to see all his other character voices...Click Here!

Peter CullenUpdate 6/02/10 - The fourth Transformers Hall Of Fame Inductee is Peter Cullen! He is the voice talent behind the heroic AutoBot leader Optimus Prime in both the animated series and live-action movies. Read his full profile...Click Here!

Yoke & OhnoUpdate 6/01/10 - The next Transformers Hall Of Fame Inductees are Hideaki Yoke and Kohjin Ohno! Both men worked for the Takara/Tomy company during the early stages of the Transformers toy line. Read thier full profiles...Click Here!

Bob BudianskyUpdate 5/28/10 - The first Transformers Hall Of Fame Inductee is Bob Budiansky! He named and wrote the packaging copy and personality profiles for many Transformers products. Bob also developed the story treatments as new lines of Transformers were released. Read his full profile...Click Here!

Stan BushUpdate 5/25/10 - We are pleased to announce our first Special Guest at the show this year: Stan Bush. He is a world-class rock singer, and is best known for his song "The Touch" featured in the original animated Transformers movie...Click Here!

2010 Box ArtworkUpdate 5/17/10 - Be sure to check out the Convention figures page to see this year's Convention set package art and figure line-up! To check it out...Click Here. Also, be sure to follow BotCon on Twitter as we will be sending out updates before and at the show.

2010 T-ShirtUpdate 5/15/10 - We are adding something new to pre-registration for BotCon 2010. For the first time, you will be able to pre-order your Limited Edition BotCon T-Shirt prior to the show! This will help to avoid selling out and it will also give you a way to get the size you most desire. Click see the design!

Sky-byteUpdate 5/14/10 - Here is the fifth and final figure from the BotCon 2010 Box Set Generation 2: Redux... Sky-Byte! The "wildcard" from this years set, this figure will be available along with Autobot Spark, Breakdown, Streetstar and Clench. To see the official preview of Sky-Byte...Click Here!

ClenchUpdate 5/11/10 - Here is the fourth in our five BotCon 2010 Box Set previews, the Decepticon with an outlaw attitude...Clench! This figure will be available along with Autobot Spark, Breakdown, Streetstar and Sky-Byte. To see the official preview of Clench...Click Here!

2010 UpdateUpdate 5/10/10 - Hasbro has sent us the Transformers: Hall of Fame press release announcing this year's honorees as well as the Fan's Choice vote...Click Here!

Also, both the Swan and Dolphin hotels are now SOLD OUT!

2010 UpdateUpdate 4/26/10 - The online registration system is currently NOT available. Please do not send emails asking when it will be available, as we will send a mass email notification to all Club Members and post the link on this site.

StreetstarUpdate 4/22/10 - Here is the third in our five BotCon 2010 Box Set previews:Streetstar. This figure will be available along withAutobot Spark,Breakdown,ClenchandSky-Byte. To see the official preview of Streetstar...Click Here!

2010 BrochureUpdate 4/15/10 - You have all been waiting for it and here it is: the BotCon 2010 Brochure...Click Here!

Please take time to read the brochure and ask questions using theContact Uslink. We will post the FAQ on this site.

We are still finalizing the online registration system and will send out an email when it is live. It will still be a little while longer. We apologize for the delay but we want to make sure the code is right! Thanks for your patience. When the registration system goes online, we will send out an email to all members of the Transformers Collectors' Club!

BreakdownUpdate 4/02/10 - In 1994 -- Generation 2 was in its Prime and the first BotCon was held. Now, sixteen years later the BotCon exclusive that started them all will be back again in a whole new way! Generation 2Breakdown, based on the tooling from the Universe line and featuring an all-new head sculpt! This great figure will be part of this years five figure "Generation 2: Redux" convention set.

Here is the official preview of Breakdown...Click Here!

2010 BrochureUpdate 3/25/10 - Here is the Mears transportation shuttle coupon for BotCon that includes $4.00 off...Click Here!

Autobot SparkUpdate 3/22/10 - This Summer at BotCon 2010, an amazing FIVE piece convention set will be offered to Transformers fans and collectors. The wait for the reveal of this years convention set theme is finally over! Generation 2 returns! While we usually reveal the names of each character in the BotCon brochure, we have decided to give you a sneak preview of the first character right here...
"Autobot Spark," the leader of the Generation 2 Autobots...Click Here!

Disney SavingsUpdate 1/05/10 - Here is your link for our discounted BotCon 2010 Disney Park tickets!

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2010 BrochureUpdate 12/23/09 - The response has been incredible after posting the hotel information! In less than 24 hours the room block is at 185% of capacity. The hotel will continue to take reservations until there is no availability left and then we will look at overflow properties outside of the Swan and Dolphin complex.

Currently there is availability at the Dolphin for every night except Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th. HOWEVER, there is plenty of space still available at the Swan for all nights. The Swan hotel is about 100 yards from the Dolphin and they share the same swimming pool complex. So, if the reservationist needs to put you in the Swan, don't worry, they are right next to each other and it will only take about 2 minutes longer to walk to the convention center.

(Keep watching this site for more information!)

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