2012 BotCon

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2012 BotCon Prologue

PeterClick here to view the list for those who have been drawn for the Peter Cullen Autograph list. Please go to the Info booth to get your Autograph Pass.

04/20/2012 - Rounding out our Artists Alley is six more incredible artists/creators! Each will be avaialble throughout the weekend selling some amazing art work and other great items at BotCon 2012!

Be sure to stop by and see Ken Christiansen, David Willis (of Shortpacked/Recordicons fame), Silas Zee, Tyla Sprouse, Cally Kari Shokka from (Puggleformers!) and Simon Furman! You read that last one right, as Simon will be on hand in the Artist Alley selling copies of the following scripts:

*Transformers: War Within -- Age of Wrath #4 (unpublished)
*Transformers: War Within -- Age of Wrath #5 (unpublished), including a bonus FREE outline of issue #6 *Transformers Beast Wars #1 (Dreamwave/unpublished) *Transformers #80 (Marvel US, 1991)

Make sure you take the time to visit every one of the great artists that will be at BotCon 2012!

04/19/2012 - Be sure to check out these two amazing artists, both of whom will be attending BotCon 2012... Livio Ramondelli and Dan Khanna!

Livio has worked on various Transformers titles for IDW, including "Transformers: Autocracy". Dan Khanna has worked on different Transformers projects for several companies for well over a decade and is the artist behind the "Transformers: Invasion" comic offered this year at BotCon 2012.

Be sure to visit both Livio and Dan at the BotCon 2012 Artist Alley!

04/18/2012 - Another day, another announcement for the BotCon 2012 Artist Alley! Joining our growing list of very talented artists will be Robby Musso and Josh Perez!

Robby has worked on IDW titles such as Spotlight: Ramjet, Ultra Magnus and Cliffjumper while also providing the lines for the TCC's Transformers: Reunification and the 2010 BotCon story Generations 2: Redux. Josh Perez has colored... a lot! His work can be seen across various titles, from Dreamwave's Energon to IDW's Movie comics, Jazz Spotlight, Drift limited series and on several TCC and BotCon comics as well. Additionally, Josh also has drawn and colored some outstanding pin ups, and we are sure both will have some amazing ones for sale at BotCon 2012!

Be sure to stop by and see both of these great artists at the BotCon 2012 Artist Alley. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for some sneak peeks at some of the art from our artist attendees!

04/17/2012 - The BotCon 2012 Artist Alley will be filled with a number of amazing Transformers artists and our next announcement is no exception. Casey Coller, known for his work on IDW's All Hail Megatron, the Ironhide 4-part series and various projects for the Transformers Collectors' Club, will be on hand with a selection of amazing art prints for sale.

Be sure to stop by and check out Casey at the BotCon 2012 Artist Alley!

04/16/2012 - We have posted the BotCon 2012 schedule for all attendees to review. Be sure to click the "Schedule" button from the left menu bar to check out everything from panel times to Autograph sessions and show hours. You'll find all you need to know to plan your days at BotCon 2012!

Also, for all you art fans, we are excited to announce that Matt Frank will be part of this years Artist Alley! Matt Frank has worked on "Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters" and is the current Transformers Collectors' Club artist, providing the lines for this years "Transformers: A Flash Forward" comic. Be sure to stop by and pick up some art from Matt!

Stay tuned as we will have more updates and announcements all week!

04/11/2012 - Transformers Animated Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt will be joining us at BotCon 2012 for a panel looking back at his time on the Animated Transformers cartoon series and to sign autographs.

Derrick joins the very amazing list of guests attending BotCon 2012 in Dallas, Texas. If you haven't registered yet, it is not too late! Click the "Register" button from the left menu bar and be part of the biggest Transformers event of the year!

04/10/2012 - BotCon registration is now back online for all and will be available until Friday, April 13th so please take your time.

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