BotCon 2013 Guest Update!06/05/2013 - We are thrilled to announce our final guest for BotCon 2013, Glenn Morshower! Known for his work in theatrical films and as Agent Pierce on the hit FOX show 24, Transformers fans of course know Glenn as the actor who played Colonel Sharp in the first Transformers movie and General Morshower in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.

You won't want to miss meeting and hearing from Glenn at BotCon 2013! To register now, simply click the "Register" tab along the left side. Stay tuned for more updates and we'll see you all at BotCon 2013!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!06/04/2013 - The BotCon Artists' Alley is now SOLD OUT! Twenty Two amazing Artists from around the world will be on hand at BotCon 2013, selling prints, sketches and other great items. Keep checking the Artists' Alley page as we will be adding the profiles of all of the remaining Artists over the next few days. Be sure to click the "Artist Alley" link now though to see the bio for Alex Milne and Joana LaFuente!

BotCon 2013 Guest Update!05/28/2013 - BotCon 2013 is excited to welcome legendary Voice Director Wally Burr to this years show! Mr. Burr has directed some of the greatest voice acting talents from the past 40 years and he will be on hand during the weekend for panels, autograph sessions and more!

Joining him is the actor who was featured alongside the very first live action Optimus Prime, Jason Jansen! As part of the more intriguing Generation 1 cartoon features, Jason (who played the human character Tommy Kennedy) will be participating in his first ever convention, filling fans in on what it was like to act next to the live action Generation 1 Optimus Prime!

For more details, click the "Guests" link along the left side menu.

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/24/2013 - We are thrilled to announce that Marcelo Matere will be part of the BotCon 2013 Artists' Alley in San Diego this June. Marcelo has had a huge impact on the Transformers brand, from working on various projects for Hasbro, IDW and Fun Publications. Be sure to see him when you are at BotCon!

With the addition of Marcelo, the BotCon Artists' Alley will now feature OVER TWENTY amazing Transformers artists from all over the world! Click the Artists Alley button on the menu to read up on all the artists that will be on hand at BotCon. This is one show you don't want to miss!

Rescue Bots!05/21/2013 - Join us for an amazing afternoon on Saturday where fans will get to meet and hear from nearly a dozen members from the cast and crew of the Hub Network's hit show "Rescue Bots."

The Rescue Bots panel, featuring the voice talents of ALL FOUR Rescue Bots, Parvesh Cheena (Blades), Steve Blum (Heatwave), DC Douglas (Chase) and Imari Williams (Boulder), is a must see for anyone attending BotCon 2013!

The full list of guests from the Rescue Bots series has been announced. To see the full crew... Click here!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/16/2013 - With today's reveal we have now reached 15 artists announced for BotCon 2013! Joining the already impressive list of artists attending BotCon 2013: Jeffrey Martinez, Sara Lopez and Matt Kuphaldt.

Stay tuned next week as we will be announcing the remaining artists that will be attending BotCon and we know you will be just as excited as we are once you find out who! BotCon 2013 is going to be one amazing show! And don't forget, click the Artists' Alley button to read up on the 15 announced to date!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/09/2013 - Joining our ever growing list of artists is someone very well known to Transformers and web comic fans and another artist whose Transformers art you need to check out right meow: David Willis and Mai Namba!

Click that Artists' Alley button as the list keeps getting better and better each day.

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/08/2013 - With today's announcement, we have now reached ten artists appearing at the BotCon 2013 Artists' Alley and these next two have in fact worked on a truly wide range of projects: Dan Khanna and John-Paul Bove.

Click the Artist Alley button to read each of their bio's along with the other eight announced artists attending BotCon 2013.

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/07/2013 - From Plushies to Video Games, our next two artists have it all covered! Don't miss out on stopping by and visiting these two artists at BotCon 2013: Ken Christiansen and Cally Karishokka. Both will be on hand all weekend selling their art pieces in the BotCon Artists' Alley.

Click the Artist Alley menu button and keep checking back for more artists attending BotCon 2013!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/06/2013 - We are kicking off the week with another Artists' Alley Update! Joining our growing list of artists attending BotCon 2013 are two artists whose work has been seen quite a bit lately, especially here at BotCon: Robby Musso and Josh Burcham! In addition to Robby and Josh's work for companies such as Hasbro and IDW, both have had a hand in bringing both the Transformers Collectors' Club exclusives and BotCon exclusives to life thru the TCC Magazine and the 2013 BotCon story "Machine Wars: Termination", respectively.

Click on the Artist Alley menu button and check back often as we will be announcing more great artists that will be attending BotCon 2013!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/03/2013 - Here is our next Artists Alley announcement, spotlighting two amazing artists who have both done some great work recently for IDW and Fun Publications. At BotCon this June, you won't want to miss meeting these two talented artists: Matt Frank and Thomas Deer!

Click on the Artist Alley menu button and keep watching as we will be announcing more amazing artists that will be attending BotCon 2013!

BotCon 2013 Artist Alley!05/02/2013 - Today we kick off our Artists Alley announcements, with the first being that BotCon 2013 will in fact feature its largest Artist Alley ever! With so many amazing artists scheduled to attend BotCon 2013, this is one show you will not want to miss! And with that, we are thrilled to announce two of the artists attending BotCon In San Diego this June: Livio Ramondelli and Casey Coller!

Click on the Artist Alley menu button and keep watching as we will be announcing more amazing artists that will be attending BotCon 2013 over the next two weeks!

BotCon 2013 Registration Update!04/28/2013 - We have now moved an allotment of attending BotCon sets to the non-attending Iacon category. If you have been waiting, you can now go and order your Iacon set using the registration link.

I hate to say it but it looks like this year's membership figure won't ship until after BotCon as they are coming with the FSS figures. These have now shipped from the manufacturer and are at the packaging vendor.

Those of you in the FSS program should have received a direct email. We want everyone to know that the delay for both of these items has been with the manufacturer. Hopefully the process has been fixed on their side so that in future versions, they will make the agreed upon ship dates.

We apologize for for the lack of communication on our part. It has been very difficult for us to get information to pass on about both of these projects.

However, I do want to let you know that there will be carded version of Depth Charge you will be able to order once they arrive. We plan to have some available at BotCon. The bulk of the carded figures will be left in Fort Worth for the membership to order. In addition, since this is a club figure and NOT a BotCon figure, the Golden Ticket additional limits to not count for this item.

BotCon 2013 Comic Preview!04/23/2013 - Here is our first preview of the BotCon 2013 Convention comic story MACHINE WARS: TERMINATION. Written by Jesse Wittenrich (G.I.Joe VS Cobra: Nocturnal Fire, Transformers: A Flash Forward) and with art by Josh Burcham (Last Stand of the Wreckers, Beast Wars: The Gathering), you won't want to miss this all-new adventure chronicling one of the final wars of Generation 1... The Machine Wars!

Check out the page by clicking the story thumbnail to see some classic characters in action and to see the legendary Cybertronian generals Obsidian and Strika leading their team of resistance fighters, long before they were brought back on line by Megatron during Beast Machines!

If you are planning on attending BotCon as a Primus package holder, you will need to register ASAP as we may be moving some of the attending sets over to non-attending to ensure that anyone who wants a set is sure to get one. Click the "Register" tab to get your order processed today!

BotCon 2013 Registration Update!04/22/2013 - We have run through our allotment of Iacon (non-attending sets) and are considering moving some of the Primus attending sets over to Iacon for non-attending.

However, we don't want to do this until we are confident that everyone has registered that intends on coming to the show in San Diego. So, we will re-visit the numbers in the next few days and make a decision as how to assist those who can't come but want the figure sets.

BotCon 2013 Machine Wars Box!04/12/2013 - Check out the box design for this years MACHINE WARS: TERMINATION box set right now... Click here! The five-figure boxed set, which includes General Obsidian, General Strika, Commander Megaplex, Clone Warrior Skywarp, and Autobot Hoist, will be presented in an illustrated display box but, for the first time ever for BotCon, will also feature a cut out mimicking the style of the original MACHINE WARS packaging. This set can be displayed alongside all of your previous BotCon sets and/or your classic Machine Wars toys! Also included with the set is a certificate of authenticity, tech specs and figure weapons.

Don't miss out! Go register now and make sure you get this amazing exclusive 2013 BotCon box set today!

BotCon 2013 Registration Update!03/25/2013 - A little over one week into BotCon 2013 registration and we are now over 60% sold out of all packages. Additionally, we only have a handful of non-attending Iacon packages left, so if you have been holding off on picking up a set don't delay! They will be gone soon!

Stay tuned as we will have some more exciting announcements and reveals in the next couple of weeks! Don't miss out on the Transformer event of the year.

BotCon 2013 Registration Update!03/15/2013 - BotCon registration is moving at a quick pace. Just a note to let you know if you want the first 24 hour pin, you must register by 3:15 PM central time today!

We are currently 30% sold through the sets! There are a couple class seats left on Wednesday but the Thursday class is sold out.

BotCon 2013 Registration!03/14/2013 - We have turned on the BotCon 2013 online registration system! You may want to call your credit card company and make sure they don't stop your registration with a security hold and let them know to allow your charge to go through from Fun Publications.

If you are registering with another member, you will need THEIR log-in and password to receive member pricing.

If you complete your order with non-member pricing, we CANNOT adjust your pricing. Please understand what you are ordering and confirm the pricing before you check out. If you do not think you are getting the correct pricing, do not continue. If you continue, you are agreeing to the pricing you are being presented.

You have 10 minutes to complete your registration, please make sure you know what you want before you start. We suggest that you make a list for each person of the items you want to select for them BEFORE you begin registration. Then you can work from that list.

If you have not read the Information tab brochure, please do so before you register as you have 10 minutes to complete your registration before the system puts your items back into stock. You cannot hold them in your cart longer than that amount of time, however you can start over.

We do reserve the right to limit any member's quantities if we deem them excessive.

Please note that we have added a NEW item this year. Because of the concern of people not being able to participate in the class, we are offering to each registered attending member the opportunity to purchase an assembled unpainted Class Figure. This is limited to one per person, per package ordered. However, that person must pickup their items at registration. DO NOT create phantom attendees to get additional Class Figures as you will not be able to pick them up. This is NOT a souvenir and is NOT subject to the Golden Ticket souvenir rules. In addition, we will not pre-announce the figure or class kit mold, it will be a surprise at the show!

BotCon 2013 Update!03/12/2013 - We have finished our audit of the log-ins for BotCon. All current Transformers Collectors' Club members should have received a confirmation email from us. Please go to to test your log in under My Account and you should see your membership information.

Registration will not start today as we give everyone a little more time to test their club accounts!

BotCon 2013 Update!03/07/2013 - An email has been sent to the current and former TCC members. We have decided to delay the BotCon registration start to the middle of March as we have discovered a flaw in the store software that has been deleting recently renewed memberships. This has only occurred to memberships that were declined two times (credit card not on file for the first two attempts or credit card declined). What it is has been doing is randomly deleting the approved memberships after the third attempt. We have the software company working on fixing this issue.

Thus, we are auditing the entire data file to find the accounts who had good transactions but their membership is missing. It's going to take about 20 man hours to finish this task and make sure everyone's log in works for BotCon registration.

After we finish our audit, another email will be sent to the entire group so that you can go test your account and make sure you see your membership. Your log in will then work correctly for BotCon registration. I apologize for the delay but this will make everything much smoother and everyone much happier. We don't want you have have any issues with your registration or miss out because items sell out quickly.

Meanwhile, make sure you have read all of the Information and FAQs before registration starts.

BotCon 2013 Apparel!03/05/2013 - Check out the EXCLUSIVE 2013 BotCon Hats and Shirts, both available for order when you register for BotCon 2013. This year we will also feature a Ladies Baby Doll Tee. Make sure you add these to your Primus (Attending) or Iacon (Non-attending) package once registration begins as these will be limited in quantity.

We have also added the alt mode image for MEGAPLEX. Click the Con Exclusives link for your first look and to see a preview of our 2013 convention exclusive apparel!

BotCon 2013 Megaplex Preview02/28/2013 - Our 5th and final reveal for the 2013 MACHINE WARS: TERMINATION box set is the Clone Army Commander... MEGAPLEX! Utilizing a very popular voyager mold from the Transformers: Prime line, this figure is the perfect compliment to this years MACHINE WARS box set!

So, who exactly IS Megaplex and what is his origin? Megaplex was built by Jhiaxus as a clone of Megatron, copying the Decepticon tyrant's aggression, cunning, and battlefield skills into a brand new body ready for the modern age. Charged with leading an assault against the planet Cybertron and securing the heart of Jhiaxus' new, unified Cybertronian Empire, Megaplex uses the traits he has inherited from Megatron with chilling efficiency as he smashes through planetary defenses and culls the planet below. Check out the Con Exclusives page for this final figure reveal.

The Termination has begun! Don't miss out on this amazing MACHINE WARS box set, available exclusively through BotCon!

BotCon 2013 Brochure!02/26/2013 - All kinds of news today regarding BotCon 2013, being held this Summer in San Diego! First up. The Brochure for this years show is now ONLINE! This will answer all of your burning questions regarding the exclusive five-figure box set, the tours, classes and all of the great accompanying events. Check out the Information tab or... Click here!

Next, we are thrilled to announce our first two guests for BotCon! James Horan, voice of Transformers: Prime WHEELJACK and David Sobolov, voice of Transformers: Prime SHOCKWAVE and DEPTHCHARGE from Transformers: Beast Wars. Both will be on hand all weekend, taking part in panels, autograph signings and other fan oriented activities. Click here to check out their profiles!

Finally, the alt mode for General Obsidian is now up as well. Check him out on the Con Exclusives page and then be sure to look for our 5th and final figure reveal this Thursday... Clone Army Commander MEGAPLEX!

BotCon 2013 Obsidian Preview!02/21/2013 - Here is our 4th reveal... MACHINE WARS Obsidian! Originally featured on the Beast Machines cartoon alongside his consort Strika, Obsidian is a Cybertronian General and a NEW addition to the MACHINE WARS line and mythos. He is available EXCLUSIVELY as part of the 5 figure MACHINE WARS box set. Keep tuned in here as these toys will be available for purchase through our registration system very soon.

For updates on when the Information Brochure will be released, please keep an eye on this site (Information Tab) OR follow our official Twitter feed and/or Facebook page as updates regarding the date for brochure release will be posted there as well.

BotCon 2013 Strika Preview 2!02/19/2013 - Strika, one of the two General's leading the Autobots during the MACHINE WARS, had her robot mode showcased last week. Now, take a look at her alt mode, with a deco inspired by her previous incarnations seen on Beast Machines and Transformers: Animated.

Click on the "Con Exclusives" menu button to see the box set preview gallery featuring both modes for Strika and to see our previous reveals, Hoist and Skywarp. Two more reveals are coming so get ready as our #4 batter is on deck!

BotCon 2013 Strika Preview!02/14/2013 - Happy Valentines Day from all of us here at BotCon, including a special Valentines wish from our THIRD BotCon 2013 reveal... MACHINE WARS Strika!

Featured originally on the Beast Machines cartoon and later on Transformers Animated, this legendary Cybertronian General is a NEW addition to the MACHINE WARS line and mythos and is available EXCLUSIVELY as part of the 5 figure "Machines of War" box set. Keep it tuned here as these toys will be available for purchase through our registration system soon.

For updates on when the Information Brochure will be released, please keep an eye on this site (Information Tab) OR follow our official Twitter feed and/or Facebook page as updates regarding the date for brochure release will be posted there.

BotCon 2013 Skywarp Preview 2!02/12/2013 - We have shown the robot mode for Skywarp, now, take a look at his alt mode, with a deco inspired by this air warriors ability to teleport as he soars through the skies!

Click on the "Con Exclusives" menu button to see the box set preview gallery featuring both modes for Skywarp and to see our previous reveal, Hoist. And get ready, because the reveals that will really shake up the MACHINE WARS are still to come!

BotCon 2013 Skywarp Preview!02/08/2013 - We are happy to announce the second of our BotCon 2013 official EXCLUSIVE FIGURE reveals. Here is MACHINE WARS Teleporting Skywarp!

Click on the Con Exclusives menu button to see the box set preview gallery. Stay Tuned as we will be revealing the alt mode for Skywarp next week!

BotCon 2013 Hoist Preview!02/06/2013 - We have announced the when and where for BotCon 2013, as well as the set theme, so now it is time to kick off the official EXCLUSIVE FIGURE reveals!

Spotlighted initially last week on Hasbro's Facebook page, here is the full look at MACHINE WARS Hoist in both robot and vehicle mode. Please note all images are mock ups so the final product may vary slightly.

Stay tuned as we will have periodic updates featuring all 5 of the amazing MACHINE WARS figures for this years box set "Machines of War".

Also, for updates for when the Information Brochure will be released... please keep an eye on this site (Information Tab) OR just check either our official Twitter feed or Facebook page as updates regarding the date for release will be posted there.

BotCon 2013 Hotel!01/31/2013 - You can now make your hotel reservations at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, California. Please select the Hotel tab on the menu for more information and access the reservation link.

We look forward to seeing you all at the show!