May 2014

Question: I noticed the non-attending packs are not available at the same time as the attending registration?
Answer: Please note that the quantity is very limited for the Iacon Non-Attending Package. Please DO NOT register for an attending package and try to change it to non-attending later. We will cancel the package (charge you a cancellation fee) and resell it to the next person in line.

When we get closer to the event, if there are any packages left in the attending allotment, we will move them to non-attending

Question: If we have an adult in the TCC, can we give the primus package to a child?
Answer: Your membership covers your immediate family, parents, spouse, children, siblings. If the second person is not one of these and not a member, they pay non-member pricing.

Question: Are the mini-con packages members only to get the discount?
Answer: Mini-Con package are not designed for other fans, they are for your family to come with you. However, see the rule above of what is covered by your membership for member pricing.

Question: Should we get a TCC membership before buying a convention package?
Answer: If you want member pricing, you must sign-up at before you register. We cannot adjust prices after the fact and you cannot get a membership at the same time.

Question: If I get a Golden Ticket does that mean I can't get a regular mini-con and it has to be a GT mini-con?
Answer: Yes, that is correct. If you get a Golden Ticket, the package that goes with it is the GT Mini-Con.

Question: Can I drive to the Universal Studios event?
Answer: No. Tickets will be distributed during the bus transportation. Because of the planning involved with the number of busses, we need everyone to ride together.

Question: For the art contest, can we enter two entries per category like before?
Answer: Yes, two entries per person.

Question: I didn't see anything regarding a dinner or Casino night for the Primus members? Is there going to be one?
Answer: The Universal event has taken the place of the dinner and casino night.

Question: I know the Primus package offer will include the ticket to Universal Studios, Hollywood. Will I be able to get tickets for two Mini-cons attached to my Primus package?
Answer: One ticket comes with the Primus package, one ticket comes with each Mini-Con package.

Question: If I buy a Primus package, can I have a family member pick it up for me early on Thursday at registration?
Answer: Your family member cannot pick up your items. Only the person named can pick up sets at your assigned registration time.

Question: Will you be offering the BotCon boxset for non attending Transformers Collectors' Club members?
Answer: Yes, a limited supply will be available.

Question: Does the Primus package include full admission to all days of the show?
Answer: Yes, it includes access to everything other than the custom classes and tours.

Question: What does general admission give access to?
Answer: General Admission provides access to the event on Saturday or Sunday (Exhibitor hall and Panels).

Question: If I get a Primus package, do I only get one ticket to Universal Studios, Hollywood?
Answer: Yes. Please read the information brochure for full details on the special event.

Question: I am interested in reserving an artist table for Botcon and wanted to know how many chairs come with the single table? Also, do artists have to obtain the California sales tax permit?
Answer: Two chairs per table. Yes, if you are selling anything.

Question: I would like to know the usual range of discount that is given to club members at the BotCon convention?
Answer: For the toy packages alone, it’s usually around $90-$100 difference.

Question: Can general admission tickets be purchased online? If I'm not there in the early morning, is there a chance these might sell out?
Answer: No, general admission is only sold at the door. Not a problem, they can’t sell out.

Question: When will registration for Artist Alley be available?
Answer: When registration goes live.

Question: I'm hoping to register for an artist table, does that come with just one badge? Will I need to purchase a 2nd badge for a helper?
Answer: Yes it includes one and you can purchase a second.

Question: What are the program of events for the 4 days of this BotCon convention?
Answer: Details will be released this March. Please watch the website for all announcements and the convention brochure.

Question: Do we have to be in the Transformers Club to be able to purchase tickets for the BotCon convention?
Answer: No, but you get a discount on the packages as a TCC member.

Question: If we buy one artist alley table, how would we be able to get another artist alley badge for it? We heard that dealers are able to buy an extra package that would allow more people into their booths, but we're not sure if there is something like that for the artist alley?
Answer: You can purchase one extra Exhibitor Badge per table.

Question: How can we get the information on when the BotCon set packages are available for sale?
Answer: TCC Members will get the first notice when registration is ready. You can join the Transformers Collectors' Club to get the discounts at

Question: Will this years Botcon screen The Tranformers: The movie from 1986?
Answer: Unfortunately not.

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