Morgan Lofting!MORGAN LOFTING worked throughout the 70's and 80's performing various media voice-overs including cartoons, narrations, and commercials. On-camera there were a few good old TV series and Movies of the Week -- plus plays in New York and L A. and several regrettable movies, but let's not go there.

In 1989 Morgan returned to college to finish her Bachelor's Degree, stayed for an MA in history and was on her way to a doctorate when she took another swerve... so much to learn, so little time.

Now Morgan has found a new love, "bartending with books" as she calls it at her city library -- a job that leaves her plenty of time to travel, do yoga and read, read and read. However, after her first ever convention appearance at GIJoeCon 2011 and a subsequent appearance at BotCon 2011, Morgan was tapped by Derrick J. Wyatt to voice the villain Fistina, a character created especially for her, on the series Ben 10: Omniverse.

For many, Morgan will always be the voice of the Baroness from the G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series, as well as Firestar and Moonracer on the classic Transformers animated series. Even her son and grandkids are fans!

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