Michael McConnohie!MICHAEL McCONNOHIE’s career in voice acting has carried him from animation of the 80's up through World of Warcraft and beyond. He has voiced a wide variety of TV shows and films, commercials, and corporate narrations, and has narrated countless audiobooks including the just-released Doc Savage novel "Skull Island," wherein Doc Savage meets King Kong. As BotCon fans are well aware, Michael performed the popular G-1 characters Tracks and Cosmos in The Transformers animated television series.

Michael is the only Generation 1 voice actor to also appear in a dubbed version of the Transformers Robots in Disguise in which he essayed homage to Peter Cullen as Ironhide, as well as voicing the studly Hotshot. In anime films, Michael was D in Vampire Hunter D, and Shin in Fist of the North Star. In anime tv series he voiced Harlock in Captain Harlock, Rolf Emerson in Robotech, Schwarzwald in The Big O, Det. Ikari in Paranoia Agent, Kuroudo, Ryuken Ishida and Shawlong Qufang in Bleach, and as Emperor Charles zi Britannia in Code Geass. And in video games, his recent credits include Kano, Ermac and the Elder God in the Mortal Kombat Video Game and Ishigami in Ninja Garden 3.

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