Derrick Wyatt!DERRICK J. WYATT draws stuff. And everything he draws turns to gold! From his early work on iMucha Lucha! to his later work on Teen Titans, it wasn’t until Transformers Animated though that mankind truly understood what a genius it had on its hands! Running for three seasons, the Transformers Animated cartoon was the basis for a very popular toy line, an IDW comic series, a plethora of fan art and the most popular BotCon story ever: The Stunti-Con Job!

Though Derrick is not currently working on Transformers, having instead devoted all of his time to some guy named Ben and his Omniverse, he wants his fans from around the world to know that if The Transformers ever come calling again, he will take that call! (Even if it is just those guys over at the Transformers Collectors' Club offering to let him do Animated G2 Breakdown or an Animated Rosanna.)

So make sure to come see Derrick at BotCon 2014. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime! He will be happy to sign almost anything you bring him.

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