Join us For BotCon 2014!

BotCon 2014 Update!06/25/2014 - BotCon 2014 was amazing and we have posted images from the show and Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood. Make sure to check out our official BotCon Facebook page to see the latest updates!

In case you were not able to attend BotCon this year, the 2014 boxed and loose sets were a sell out. Check out the Con Exclusives page for all the cool souvenirs. We have a few remaining souvenir sets online in the club store. Get them before they are all gone!

Transformers Fan Experience!06/19/2014 - We have a Transformers Fan Experience 2014 at Universal Studios Hollywood update!

Don’t miss out on the fun. Remember that only Primus and Mini-Con packages have transportation and a ticket included to this fantastic event!

Here is what you will experience at Universal Studios Hollywood:

TRANSFORMERS Fan Zone Located at Universal Plaza 8pm-11pm

TRANSFORMERS Character Appearances Optimus • Bumblebee • Megatron

IDW TRANSFORMERS Comic Sketch Artists

Collectible Poster Distribution *One per guest, limited availability.

TRANSFORMERS 30TH Anniversary Celebration with Dinobots Panel located at the Special Effects Stage 9pm

Stan Bush Music Performance Located at the Blues Brothers Stage 10pm

Western Star Movie Optimus Prime Truck and Movie Weapon Actual vehicle and prop from Transformers: Age of Extension movie Located next to TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE-3-D

If you are not a registered Primus or Mini-Con attendee at BotCon, you can still join in on the fun, go to to purchase a ticket.

Transformers Fan Experience!06/11/2014 - In case you don’t have a package to BotCon and want to attend the Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, June 20th, please see the official information and updates at the Hasbro Transformers Facebook page.

There is a link where you can purchase tickets to the event on their page. Of course, you will need your own transportation to and from the park. Again, all BotCon: Primus, Mini-Con and Golden Ticket attendees do not need to purchase this ticket as it is included with your package as well as bus transportation to and from the park from the Pasadena Convention Center.

BotCon 2014 Update!06/09/2014 - We hope you are excited about the convention coming very soon. Just a couple of quick updates:

1. Since registration is now closed, we have a very limited ability to change any of your packages or information. If you have any changes, you need to send us an email by Monday, June 9th. Please do not call as we have limited staff on hand to answer the phone. If you realize you need a change after June 9th, you will need to come to late registration on Friday morning at 9:30am to make any changes.

2. Souvenir purchases are by a voucher system. No punching badges! Approved badges for souvenir vouchers are: Primus, Protoform, or Exhibitor (no Mini-Con or Exhibitor Helper Badge). You will receive your souvenir voucher at package pick-up for this purchase option. This voucher is one per person. Your souvenir voucher entitles you to a “1 x the Limit” of each of the exclusive 2014 convention souvenirs sold in our Club Store (the souvenir voucher entitles Golden Ticket Primus Badge holders to a “3 x the Limit” of each of the exclusive 2014 convention souvenirs sold in our Club Store). BRING YOUR SOUVENIR VOUCHER WITH YOU when you enter the club store line on Thursday evening or Friday. Your Souvenir Voucher must be present at time of purchase and must be used in one single transaction. Once the souvenir voucher is surrendered, you will not be able to purchase more 2014 souvenirs until Saturday morning (if available).

3. Your name badge is how you gain entry to the store. You will not be allowed to purchase items for others by bringing loose badges. Each person must be present, wearing their own badge. Mini-Cons and Exhibitor Helper Badges are not allowed to buy exclusive 2014 souvenir items (if available) until Saturday morning.

4. The vouchers are for your use only and are not a guarantee that there will be items to sell you. All items are on a first come, first served basis until they run out. However, we do believe that we have enough souvenirs to handle everyone's voucher Thursday night and Friday.

5. What line do I get in at registration? There is one line for Exhibitors. Everyone else will break into two (2) lines at your scheduled registration pick-up time. Yes, that's right, two lines, one for A-L and M-Z. Instead of breaking down the alphabet and having many separate lines, our staff is going to wait on whoever is next in line. Remember, if you have multiple attendees listed on your invoice, look on your invoice under "Bill To" as this will determine the LAST name and the LINE for your entire group.

6. For those guests going on a Wednesday and/or Thursday tour: please meet in front of the Convention Center at the Green Street loading area. This is where the bus(es) will load/unload for each day.

7. For those guests taking a TF Customizing class on Wednesday or Thursday, please meet in the Conference Center in room 211. Class starts at 8am each day. Please be on time. Late arrivals will NOT be seated after 8:15am or be given a refund.

8. If you are an Exhibitor, you will pick up badges for all of your Exhibitor helpers. If your helper paid for a package under their membership, they will need to get in the guest line by their last name. We cannot pull their package information as it slows the Exhibitor line down for everyone else.

9. Exhibitors please make sure you have registered for your tax permit and bring it with you to registration.

10. Exhibitor drop off is Thursday night from 7:30-11:00 pm. If you do not wish to unload that night, you can unload Friday morning. Just be ready for buyers by 11 am Friday morning. You can park oversized vehicles under the convention center at a rate of $18 per space. Parking is first come, first served. This UNLOADING PARKING AREA is limited to 20 minutes for unload as other exhibitors are waiting to use the unload parking area.

Thank you for your cooperation ahead of time.

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