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BotCon 2007 F.A.Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)


All of the confirmation letters are in the mail now. Please read your letters carefully as well as check for any name spelling errors. (LMK and I will correct them) These letters contain your official invoice for exactly what you are registered for at BotCon 2007.

Please note that the emails you received earlier only confirmed what you had asked for on your registration form and that we received your requests. They were not confirmations of what you actually are registered for.

Please make sure that you bring all of these documents (and photo ID) and arrive in time to be at registration for the time slot you are assigned for. You must pick-up your items in person. If you arrive after your start time, you can still pick-up your items as they will be held for you.

However, please note that there will be limits on the souvenirs you can purchase Thursday and Friday and it is first come, first served.

Also, note that if you are on the visit to Hasbro, you MUST pick up your items and tickets on or before Thursday night (tour and class participants pick up Wednesday night) or you will not make the departure time for the visit.

The final 100 guests for the Hasbro visit will be announced on the 8th of June.

I hope these answer most of your other questions:

Q: Can I resell my Primus, Mini-Con or Protoform package and transfer the badges to another person?
A: No. Packages are not transferable. We will not transfer a package to anyone else. If someone tries to do this, we will consider this a package cancellation. We do allow those who can't come (who ordered a Primus package) to convert to a non-attending or Iacon package.

Please keep in mind that anything you bid for online is a non-attending set. We don't want you to bid on something that the owner does not have rights to sell.

Q: Can I still come to BotCon if I don't have a Primus package?
A: Sure you can. You can come as a Protoform (all access, just no toys or dinner event on Saturday night) or General Admission (Saturday and/or Sunday only).

Q: Can I add on a Mini-Con package for someone to come with me?
A: No. We are at capacity for the Saturday night dinner event.

Q: Can I still get movie tickets for Thursday night?
A: Yes, but you must be a registered package holder and attending to order movie tickets.

Q: Can I still get in the drawing for the last 100 seats for the Hasbro visit if I sign up as a Protoform?
A: Yes, until May 31st. Those selected for the visit will be posted at on June 1st.

Q: If I have a Primus or Iacon package, can I still add on a loose set?
A: Yes, until we run out. You are limited to one loose set per boxed set.

Q: How many loose sets are being offered?
A: 400

Q: Since you have run out of boxed sets, can I just order a loose one?
A: No.

Q: When will I get my written confirmation?
A: Sometime around the end of May.

Q: Are there Dealer booths still available?
A: Yes, but don't delay.

Q: I heard there was a different charity event for the Movie on Thursday night that is $75. Does this have anything to do with our screening?
A: No. This event is for local Hasbro charity patrons and is not at the same time or in the same theatres as the BotCon screening. The funds from this event will go to the same charities as ours.

Q: If I sent in my application in the last couple of days, when will I get a confirmation that you have accepted my application?
A: By the middle of May.

Q: If my application is not accepted, will I receive notification as well?
A: Yes.


Thanks again for your support and we look forward to the best BotCon ever!