BotCon 2006 Friday Preview!

A long line for the Friday peek!

Not much longer now...

Patiently waiting

The Band prepares...

The KSU Spirit band!

Taking a quick break.

Enthusiatic Con Attendees

Playing the Transformers Theme

And a one-a and a two-a...

Playing with feeling!

The Band ROCKED!

Hasbro Display Draws a Crowd

The Showroom Floor

Shoppin'... Shoppin'... Shoppin' ...

At the Hasbro Display

Transformers everywhere

Tees by Stylin'!

Eager shoppers

A flood of Transfans1

Captured Prey

Swarming Hasbro's Latest

Cool tee shirt!

Helpful staff.

At the Club Store!

Club staff at the ready