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Welcome to www.botconarchives.com, the online archival home of the award-winning original worldwide convention dedicated to The Transformers by Hasbro, Inc. Here you will find all the information that is available about past BotCons. The purpose of BotCon® is to provide the fan community with a forum in which to celebrate this enduring toy line by combining celebrity guests, exclusive convention-only merchandise, and special events with other fan-centered attractions. BotCon® has been held annually since 1994 in different locations around the country.

What's New at BotCon® Online:

(2005-07-01) BotCon 2005 is coming! Visit the new Web site for the Collector's Club and Convention at www.transformersclub.com for all the details.

(2005-01-30) Earlier this month, Hasbro announced that the license for the official Transformers collectors club and convention had been awarded to Brian Savage and Fun Publications, Inc. We are excited that Hasbro has invited us to be members of an "advisory board" to Fun Publications for both the club and the convention. Even though we will not be producing our own separate convention, we look forward to our continued experiences with the collector community. For more information, please
click here to view the original announcement from Hasbro, and click here for the new club Web site.


Most questions can be answered by reading the FAQ which is linked at the top of the screen. If you have any questions about BotCon® which are not answered there or anywhere else on this site, please contact us.

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