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BotCon® 1994 Merchandise
Generation 2 BreakdownTM (front)

The Stunticons and Protectobots were planned to be released in Generation 2, but were cancelled. BreakdownTM was the only member of the two teams to be produced in limited quantities. Click here to view his tech spec.

Red ShirtPurple Shirt

Red and purple shirts were available. Each featured the Generation 2 version sigils and the basic convention information.

Card and Button Set
Badge and Button

Each preregistrant received a matching numbered badge and button set.

Program Guide
Program Guide

Each attendee received an official program. The program was twelve pages and contained a greeting, list of preregistrants, events schedule, synopses of the cartoon episodes shown, and a survey for attendees to voice their opinions.

Ten-Year Retrospective

While not an official BotCon® item, this book was made available at the convention. It was a 136 page spiral-bound book created by David Kolodny-Nagy. It covered all aspects of the Transformers mythos through 1994: the origins of the toy line, including all toys released in America, Europe, and Japan; the cartoon episodes from America and Japan, and the movie; the comics from America, Europe, and Japan; and some information about non-toy items and fan clubs and publications.

Comic Smorgasbord
Comic Smorgasbord #1

While not an official BotCon® item, this book was made available at the convention. It was a thirty-two page black and white comic featuring an original story and artwork by David Kolodny-Nagy.

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