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BotCon® 1996 Merchandise

Onyx Primal
Onyx PrimalTM Packages
Onyx Primal
Onyx PrimalTM Toy (beast mode)
Onyx Primal
Onyx PrimalTM Toy (robot mode)

Onyx PrimalTM was a recolored Optimus PrimalTM bat from Beast Wars®. It was available in two different toy versions and three different packages. The regular toy version was used for the regular and VIP packages (right and left in picture), and the dealer version of the toy was used for the Dealers' Exclusive package. The dealer version toy had "BotCon '96 Dealers' Exclusive" stamped on the back, whereas the regular version did not. Click here to view his tech spec.

Black Shirt

The regular version of the shirt was black with gold print. It featured the same artwork that appeared on the cover of the program. The staff-only version of the shirt was gray with black print and the same artwork.

Program Guide
Program Guide

Each attendee received an official program. The program was twelve pages and contained a greeting, events schedule, convention map, listings of panels, auction items, and display items, and information about the toy and shirt.

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