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BotCon® Japan 1997 Merchandise

SHBM Galvatron (regular version)

(lava version)

This Super Hybrid Model Galvatron vinyl figure was originally planned to be released by Takara in 1987 but was cancelled. It was designed to be an exact likeness of the TV version of the character. A 100-piece limited "lava" version was inspired by a scene in the TV show.


These shirts were available in black and white for all attendees. They depicted various leader characters for the Autobots and Decepticons through the years. Artwork was by Hidetsugu Yoshioka who worked on package designs of American and Japanese TF toys from G1 through the 1990s. A staff shirt (not shown) was also done, with artwork by Hirofumi Ichikawa.


Two different posters were available using computer-generated artwork from Takara for the Japanese Generation 2 line of toys in 1995. The first poster (not shown) depicted a battle scene while the second poster showed a line-up of all the different toys available that year.

Program Guide

A four-page program guide was included with each SHBM Galvatron figure. It gave brief descriptions for all merchandise available at the convention, as well as explanation for the convention itself.

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