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BotCon® 1998 Events

Beast Wars Story Editor Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio.

Hasbro Toy Group Presentation

Pictured (L. to R.) are Jennifer Dowdal and Andy Espenshade.

Voice Actor Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Doug Parker, Scott McNeil, Susan Blu, Gary Chalk, and David Kaye.

Live Script Reading

Pictured (L. to R.) are Doug Parker, Gary Chalk, Susan Blu, Scott McNeil, and David Kaye.

MST3K Session

Pictured (L. to R.) are Doug Dlin, Rob Jung, and Greg Sepelak.

Trivia Contest

Pictured (L. to R.) are Glen Hallit, a contestant, Karl Hartman, and Rob Gerbracht.

G1 Comic Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Rob Tokar, Andrew Wildman, Simon Furman, and Glen Hallit (at podium).

G1 Cartoon Panel

Pictured is Bryce Malek.

Charity Raffle

Presented by Karl Hartman and Jon Hartman (at podium) to benefit Make A Wish Foundation.

Organizer Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Jon Hartman, Karl Hartman, and Glen Hallit.

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