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BotCon® 1998 Merchandise

AntagonyTM (front)



The larger of the two toy exclusives was AntagonyTM, a female repaint of InfernoTM in black and lavender. She was packaged in a window box with a flip-up lid and a computer-generated landscape insert. Character artwork was supplied by Andrew Wildman. Click here to view her tech spec.

Vice GripTM

The small toy exclusive was Vice GripTM, a repaint of PowerpinchTM in blue and gray. He was packaged in a sealed bag with a tech spec card and artwork by Andrew Wildman. Click here to view his tech spec.

BotCon® 1997 Concert CD Set

This two-CD set contained the music of the concert from BotCon® 1997 featuring Stan Bush and Vince DiCola with special assistance from Derek Hilland. All tracks were remixed and remastered for superior sound quality. Also included were two previously-unreleased bonus tracks from Vince DiCola that were not performed at the concert. Click here for more information about this set.


The shirt was available in white only. The front featured the starburst logo shown above on the left, while the back used the "Chess Game" artwork by Andrew Wildman, shown above right. The text at the top reads "It's your move." Characters from top left are Thunderwing, G1 Scorponok, BW Megatron, G1 Megatron, Shockwave, Galvatron, Bludgeon, Starscream, Optimus Prime, and Arcee.


The namebadges were given to both preregistrants and walk-ins at the convention. There were different versions for staff and guests, dealers, Saturday-only, Sunday-only, and weekend admissions. The full weekend version is pictured here.

Program Guide

Each attendee received an official program. The program was sixteen pages and contained a greeting and profiles of the guests.

Highlight Video

This video featured highlights from the weekend, including panels, displays, dealer room, and more.


This is the script to the Saturday night reading of "Visitations," the first part of the three-year BotCon® story arc. It was made available to those people who attended the event. The complete "Visitations" script is available in the Storyline section.

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