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BotCon® 1999 Art Contest
Listed below are the top placings in the BotCon® 1999 art contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

2D Black and White
1. "Surrounded" by Michael Kingcaid
2. "An Exclusive Club" by Chris Quan
3. "Bereft" by Heather Feldman

2D Color
1. "Holy Diver" by Margaret Racine
2. "Megatron Tech Specs" by (Unknown)
3. "Ultra Magnus & Arcee" by Vernon Moore

1. "Megatron" by Tony Tuski
2. "Tripredicus Council" by Kyle Warner
3. "Darkmount" by Matt Warsocki

1. "Blackarachnia" by Robert Yee
2. "Trapped" by Jason Duncan
3. None

Computer-Assisted Still
1. "Cyclonus" by Heather Feldman
2. "Unicron" by Guido Guidi
3. "Decepticon Group Shot" by Xiphos Fuhf

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