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BotCon® 1999 Merchandise




The smaller of the two toy exclusives was WindrazorTM, a white and purple repaint of SilverboltTM. He was the first fan-based exclusive to be packaged on a blister card and featured character artwork generated by Mainframe Entertainment. Click here to view his tech spec.






The large toy exclusive was SandstormTM, a sand and orange repaint of ScorponokTM. He was packaged in a window box designed to resemble a PredaconTM war journal. The inside of the lid contained the following text:

"Iacon. Once the last stronghold of the famed Autobots, led by the fabled Optimus Prime. Now, it serves as a hive for wretched souls and lost dreams. I received a tip from my source that there is an old 'bot who knows of the last stronghold from the Great War many millennia back. I wait for the message to come. I have enough credits for the information and Primus knows we need it. The rebellion goes poorly and my troops are losing their will to fight. My Maximal counterpart seems to be having the same trouble with his soldiers. Who knows how much longer we can hold out.

"Slag it! I almost got taken today by His sentry guards. The sniveling coward who gave me the information sold me out. There were at least two companies of guards and I think at least one of His Heralds. I managed to escape with the information, but not before I took a show at that informant. I managed to evade the search parties and make it back to our temporary headquarters.

"To be caught at such a critical moment would end this little party. Regardless of the cost and risk, I got what I desperately needed. The last outpost is in the most desolate part of Cybertron, cursed by Primus, and left well alone. It's name - J'nwan."

He also featured computer-generated character artwork from Mainframe Entertainment. Click here to view his tech spec.

Optimus Prime Poster

Megatron Poster

These two photomosaic posters were created in celebration of the 15th anniversary of The Transformers®. Each poster measures 22" x 34" (56cm x 86.5cm) and consists of 567 individual images from the 1985 Action Cards set.


The watches were produced as part of the celebration of The Transformers® 15th anniversary. Each watch features a black leather band and black metal face and came with a black fabric pouch. The four allegiance sigil designs were available individually, while The Transformers® logo watched (pictured in the center) was only available in the set of all five.


The shirt was available in black only. The front featured the Spark design shown above left, while the back used the WindrazorTM and Spark artwork by Mainframe Entertainment, shown above right.


The namebadges were given to both preregistrants and walk-ins at the convention. There were different versions for staff and guests, dealers, Saturday-only, Sunday-only, and weekend admissions. The full weekend version is pictured here.

Program Guide

Each attendee received an official program. The program was twenty-eight pages and contained a greeting, profiles of the guests, and a list of preregistrants. It also included the first three chapters of "Reaching the Omega Point," a BotCon®-exclusive story by long-time TF writer Simon Furman. Click here to read the story included in the program.

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