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BotCon® 2000 Merchandise


The smaller of the two toy exclusives was ApelinqTM, a maroon and silver chrome repaint of Optimus PrimalTM. His package featured character artwork generated by Mainframe Entertainment. Click here to read a special message to ApelinqTM from the Oracle. Click here to view his tech spec.


The large toy exclusive was ShokaractTM, a blue and copper repaint of RampageTM. His package was designed in the style of the Japanese G1 toys. He featured computer-generated character artwork from Mainframe Entertainment with additional artwork by Dan Khanna . Click here to view his tech spec.

Tales from the Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point

This comic book concluded the three-year Omega Point story arc into an epic 40-page volume. Featuring story by Simon Furman, pencils/inks by Geoff Senior, computer coloring/effects by Andrew Wildman, and lettering by Richard Starkings, this book combines synopses of the previous story segments (illustrated by Lee Sullivan) with 26 pages of new full-color artwork. Click here to read the story.

Dinner Variant Cover

A variant cover version was given to those people who attended the Friday night dinner. This book featured cover art by Geoff Senior and was limited to 350 copies.

The comic only contains summaries of the previous chapters in the "Omega Point" story.

CheetorTM Poster

This poster of the Supreme Cheetor toy was made possible with artwork provided by Hasbro. The poster measured 19½" x 30" (49.5cm x 76cm) and was printed on heavy stock paper.

"Movie" Mini-Poster

This poster featured the characters from the Omega Point story in the style of the TF:TM movie poster, with artwork by Dan Khanna. It measures 11" x 17" (28cm x 43.5cm) and was printed on heavy stock paper.

Commemorative Plate

This commemorative plate was given exclusively to those who attended the Friday night dinner. The plate features artwork by Dan Khanna and measures 8" (20.5cm) in diameter with a 24k gold ring around the edge. Each plate was individually numbered as one of 385 produced and came in a sturdy box with a plate stand.


The shirt was available in white, gray, and black for regular attendees, and purple for BotCon® staff members. The front featured the Matrix of Conquest design shown above left, while the back used the "Legends Forever" artwork by Dan Khanna, shown above right.

Canvas Tote

A canvas tote bag was available to attendees for them to carry items they purchased during the weekend. It was white with black handles and artwork featuring the BotCon® logo, BotCon® Web address, and various allegiance sigils. The tote measured 16½" x 15" x 5" (42cm x 38cm x 13cm) when fully loaded and also had a side pouch behind the artwork.


The namebadges were given to preregistrants at the convention. There were different versions for staff, guests, dealers, and regular attendees, with different character artwork for each type.


A lanyard was available for attendees with which to hold their namebadges. It featured the BotCon® logo with alternating Autobot and Decepticon sigils.

Program Guide

Each attendee received an official program. The program was sixteen pages and contained a greeting, profiles of the guests, a schedule of events, and a list of preregistrants. It also included the BotCon® "movie" mini-poster as a center pull-out.

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