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BotCon® 2001 Merchandise

Tigatron® (front)



The smaller of the two toy exclusives was Tigatron®, a white and blue chrome repaint of the X-9 (Ravage) toy from Japan. His package featured character artwork generated by Mainframe Entertainment and included a variant cover version of the BotCon® 2001 comic (see below). Click here to view his tech spec.

ArceeTM (front)



The large toy exclusive was ArceeTM, a pink and white repaint of TM2 BlackarachniaTM. Her package featured computer-generated character artwork from Mainframe Entertainment. In addition, preregistered toys had a voice chip with Susan Blu speaking in character. The recording says "Don't underestimate me. I'm more than just a pretty face. Arcee, Maximize!" Click here to view her G1-style tech spec.

Transformers: The Wreckers No. 1

This comic book began a new storyline featuring various characters from the past and present as part of The Wreckers, an elite strike team on a crucial mission. Featuring a primary story, Departure, by Glen Hallit, art by Dan Khanna, and a cover by Mainframe Entertainment, this book combined synopses of the Apelinq Journals with 36 pages of new full-color artwork. The 8-page secondary story, Primeval Dawn, was written by Beast Wars® story editor Bob Forward. This comic can be viewed in the Storyline section.

Variant Cover

A variant cover version was included with the Tigatron® toy and featured art by Dan Khanna.

Lighting Their Darkest Hour

This CD contained the complete music score to TF:TM, and effectively replaced the 'Til All Are One CD set released at BotCon '97. Click here for a track listing of this CD.

The Protoform Sessions

This CD contained early demos, outtakes, and alternate versions of music from TF:TM. Click here for a track listing of this CD.

Artistic Transformations

This CD contained themes and variations of various music from the TF:TM music score, performed in a solo piano format. Click here for a track listing of this CD.

Transformers: All Fall Down

This book contained reprints of US G1 comic issues 69-74 in a BotCon®-exclusive hardcover format. Published by Titan Books and limited to 500 copies, this version also featured exclusive cover artwork by Geoff Senior.

Beast Wars Team Posters

These posters were given only to attendees of the Friday night dinner. They feature specially-rendered scenes by Mainframe Entertainment of the cast of characters from the Beast Wars® cartoon series. Each measures 12¼" x 19" (31cm x 48.3cm) and is printed on heavy card stock.


TF:TM 15th Anniversary Plate

This commemorative plate was available in celebration of the 15th anniversary of TF:TM. It features artwork by Dan Khanna and measures 8" (20.5cm) in diameter with a 24k gold ring around the edge. Each plate was individually numbered as one of 385 produced and came in a sturdy box with a plate stand.

Prereg Shirt

The shirt was available in black for preregistrants only, and purple for BotCon® staff members. The front featured the Wreckers logo shown above left, while the back used the "busting out" artwork by Dan Khanna, shown above right.


TF:TM Shirts

These shirts were available in black for regular attendees in celebration of the 15th anniversary of TF:TM. The fronts featured the Wreckers logo shown above left, while the backs depicted Autobots and Decepticons who appeared in TF:TM. All artwork was by Dan Khanna.


The namebadges were given to preregistrants at the convention. There were different versions for staff, guests, dealers, and regular attendees, with different character artwork for each type. Only the staff version is shown.



A deluxe heavy-duty lanyard was available for attendees with which to hold their namebadges. It featured the Wreckers logo on the adjusting clip.

Program Guide

Each preregistrant received an official program. The program was sixteen pages and contained a greeting, profiles of the guests, a schedule of events, and maps for events and the dealer rooms.

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