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BotCon® 2002 Art Contest
Listed below are the top placings in the BotCon® 2002 art contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

2D Black and White
1. "Crisis" by Jake Isenberg
2. "Untitled" by Heather Moulton
3. "Final Battle" by Nick Kelley

2D Color
1. "Starscream's Coronation" by Rose Tursi
2. "To the Death: Sixshot vs. Jetfire" by David Silva
3. "Theft of the Golden Disk" by David Willis

1. "Dark Awakening" by Tom Meiler
2. "Project Steel Skin" by John Spangler
3. (tie) "Spychanger Autobots" by Cenate Pruitt
    "Super Targetmaster Galvatron" by David Schiber
    "Beast Machines Megatron" by Tyler Dupp

1. "Taking out the Trash" by Tony Gray
2. "Escaping in Style (Jazz is fully transforming)" by Crazysteve
3. "Everything is Worth Something, Even Me" by Robert Powers

Computer-Assisted Still
1. "Soundwave" by Greg Burkett
2. "Grimlock" by Xyphos Fuhr
3. (tie) "Beast Era Catalogues" by Jeff Thostenson
     "Roadside Prime Time" by Brian Sokol

1. "Arcee" by Tracy Detrich
2. "Optimus G1" by Suzy Wilhelm
3. "Mirage" by Jason Pacenski

1. "Steel Skin Commercial" by John Spangler

Computer-Assisted Animation
1. "Music Videos" by Trent Troop

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