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BotCon® 2002 Events

Dinner/Opening Ceremonies

Pictured (L. to R.) are Karl Hartman, Jon Hartman (seated), and Glen Hallit.

Editor/Writer/Director Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Simon Furman, Bob Forward, Tom Wyner, Richard Epcar, and Steve Kramer.

Hasbro Presentation

Voice Actor Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Neil Kaplan, Michael McConnohie, Peter Spellow, Wayne "Wankus" Lewis, and Dick Gautier.

Dreamwave Comic Book Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Simon Furman, Adam Fortier, Pat Lee, (unknown staff), and Chris Sarracini.

Charity Auction

Pictured (L. to R.) are Jon Hartman, Jason Joiner, and Karl Hartman.

Convention Organizers' Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Glen Hallit, Jon Hartman, and Karl Hartman.

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