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BotCon® 2002 Merchandise

GlyphTM (vehicle mode)

(robot mode)

The first of the two key chain-based exclusives was GlyphTM, a metallic blue repaint of the BumblebeeTM key chain by Fun4All. She was offered with the BotCon 2002 comic (see below) and came sealed in a plastic bag with a tech spec card. Click here to view her tech spec.

Tap-OutTM (vehicle mode)

(robot mode)

The second of the two key chain-based exclusives was Tap-OutTM, a metallic green repaint of the CliffjumperTM key chain by Fun4All. He was initially offered as a preregistrant-only incentive, but was later used for various give-aways. This toy came sealed in a plastic bag with a tech spec card. Click here to view his tech spec. Click here to view his Universe-style bio.

CatSCANTM (front)



The smaller of the two boxed toy exclusives was CatSCANTM , a red and white repaint of Night Slash CheetorTM. He was the first TransformerTM toy to feature glow-in-the-dark detailing. His package was designed to resemble a futuristic datapad device and featured a lenticular card that simulated downloading of the character as the lid was opened. Click here to view his tech spec.

CyclonusTM (front)


The large boxed toy exclusive was CyclonusTM, a purple and blue repaint of Beast MachinesTM JetstormTM. His package featured artwork by Pat Lee and Dan Khanna, and contained images featuring scenes from his tech spec chronicling his transformation from his G1 form into his current form. Click here to view his G1-style tech spec.

Transformers: The Wreckers No. 2

This 40-page comic book, titled "Betrayal," continued where the previous year's storyline left off with The Wreckers, an elite strike team on a crucial mission. Featured a story by Glen Hallit and Rob Gerbracht, and art by Dan Khanna. This comic can be viewed in the Storyline section.

RiD Plate

This plate continued the theme of the Robots in Disguise® theme of the convention by depicting Optimus Prime® and Megatron® from that series. It features features artwork by Andrew Wildman and measures 8" (20.5cm) in diameter with a 24k gold ring around the edge. Each plate was individually numbered as one of 385 produced and came in a sturdy box with a plate stand.


These shirts were available in black for all attendees. The fronts featured the RiD versions of Optimus PrimeTM and MegatronTM, while the backs depicted the different American toy versions of each character from G1 through Armada®. All artwork was by Guido Guidi.


Namebadges were given to all people who attended the convention. Nine different versions were available: Preregistrant (four different colors), walk-in, dealer/dealer helper, staff, guest, and a press pass. The different colors of badges for preregistrants determined which guest autograph session they could attend.

Art Prints

One of four different limited-edition art prints was given randomly to each preregistrant. The first print shown above was one of the four, as a preview of the TF: Genesis book by 88mph Studios. The second print shown was only given to those people who attended the convention organizers' panel at the end of the weekend.


A deluxe heavy-duty lanyard was available for attendees with which to hold their namebadges. It featured the Wreckers logo on the adjusting clip.

Beast Wars Postcard Set

This set of postcards commemorates the characters from the Beast Wars TV series and features thirty different full-rendered Mainframe portraits with bios. Characters represented include: Airazor, Blackarachnia, Blackarachnia (Transmetal 2), Cheetor, Cheetor (Transmetal), Cheetor (Transmetal 2), Depth Charge, Dinobot, Dinobot (Transmetal 2), Inferno, Megatron, Megatron (Transmetal), Megatron (Transmetal 2)Optimus Primal, Optimus Primal (Transmetal)Optimal Optimus, Quickstrike, Rampage, Rattrap, Rattrap (Transmetal), Ravage, Rhinox, Scorponok, Silverbolt, Tarantulas, Tarantulas (Transmetal), Terrorsaur, Tigatron, Tigerhawk, and Waspinator.


Rhino Home Video supplied a Holopop for each preregistrant. It depicted an animated version of G1 Optimus Prime suspended in the middle of the piece of candy.

Program Guide

Each preregistrant received an official program. The program was twenty-four pages and contained a greeting, profiles of the guests, a schedule of events, maps for events and the dealer rooms, and design sketches of Transformers: Armada® characters from Hasbro's design team.

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