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BotCon® 2004 Events

Breakfast Buffet

Presented by Pete Sinclair, Karl Hartman, and Jon Hartman.

Dan Gilvezan Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Joselle and Dan Gilvezan.

Pre-TF Japanese Robot Toy Panel

Discussion panel presented by Fumihiko Akiyama and Doug Dlin.

Wally Burr Directing Session

Pictured are Wally Burr, Emerald Ivy, and Tim Finn.

G1 Hasbro Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Bob Prupis and Alison Segebarth.

Peter Cullen Panel

Live Script Reading

Pictured (L. to R.) are Tadao Tomomatsu, Emerald Ivy, Tim Finn, Michael McConnohie, Peter Cullen, and Wally Burr.

G1 Writers Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Wally Burr, Bryce Malek, David Wise, Flint Dille, and Paul Davids.

Dreamwave Comic Book Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Don Figueroa, Brad Mick, Pat Lee, Adam Patyk, and Joe Ng.

BotCon Productions Panel

Pictured (L. to R.) are Jon Hartman, Karl Hartman, and Pete Sinclair.

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