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BotCon® 2004 Merchandise

G2 Breakdown

The G2 Breakdown figure was given to all attendees of the Saturday morning breakfast. This figure was chosen as an homage to the original BotCon exclusive toy from 1994, the Generation 2 Stunticon Breakdown. It used a custom-molded Action Master Sideswipe body, an original-sculpted head, and came with two guns. Figure and package design and production were done by Joe Toscano and Charles Wallace. Click here to view his tech spec.


The shirt was available to everyone in black only. The front image was the "Gaea" artwork by Erik Sturdevant and Rob Meyer. The back image was the "BotCon World Tour" listing all BotCons held worldwide since 1994.


Namebadges were given to all non-walk-in attendees. Five different versions were available: Preregistrant, dealer/dealer helper, Team BotCon (staff), guest, and a press pass.

Art Prints

Two different art prints were available during the weekend. The "Gaea" print was the same image as that on the back of the program guide and was available for sale. The second print, "Portrait of an Icon," was signed by Peter Cullen and given to preregistrants. Character artwork for both prints was by Erik Sturdevant, with colors by Rob Meyer for the "Gaea" print.

Program Guide

Each preregistrant received an official program. The program was twenty-four pages and contained a greeting, profiles of the guests, a schedule of events, maps for events, and the BotCon Roll Call, a list of all previous BotCon preregistrants since 1994. A smaller twelve-page version (minus the BotCon Roll Call) was available for purchase to anyone.

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