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ArceeAUTOBOT: Arcee

FUNCTION: Valkyrie

"Looks are always deceiving."

Once viewed as an almost maternal figure among AUTOBOTS, ARCEE has continued to find ways to improve herself since the Great War. After a series of personal traumatic events, she secluded herself from her comrades, honing her combat skills and mental focus. Her mysterious reemergence with a new body has turned heads of friends and foes alike.  Now a master of Crystalocution, by which she attacks her enemies at their fracture points, and the lost art of Tekkaido, ARCEE continues to strike fear into her opponents.  In her new form, she also wields deadly energy blades, localized deflector shields, and reportedly has precognizance of one's imminent death, thus making it difficult to gain her trust.

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