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The Deployers

Borne from the farthest reaches of Cybertron's ancient past, the Deployers may prove to be valuable allies in the fight for its future. Though small and lacking sparks of their own, these battle drones act as Targetmaster companions to their fellow Wreckers, charging into battle against Megatron and his Vehicon hordes.


Function: Aerial Recon

A crafty and agile winged warrior who usually keeps to himself. When in battle, the small airborne spy packs a big-time punch! He converts into an energon crossbow, whose power was given to him by an ancient female Autobot resistance leader for courage in battle. Rav can "fry" the main circuitry of an enemy's data bank with a blast of arrows while in energon crossbow mode. When he's not scouring Cybertron for Vehicons, Rav enjoys "talking" with Nightscream via a complex series of musical tones.


Function: Forward Observer

Beneath his battle-hardened exterior resides a Maximal defender who's all talk and minimal do. his boastful attitude and swaggering tough guy style disguise a hero who, when the microchips are down, retreats in a klick. As a former apprentice to an ancient Autobot tracker, Dillo was taught how to use the mace bollo. The only drawback is that he usually uses it when he's retreating. Nightscream has every intention of changing that.


Function: Demolitions

Determined... deliberate... and often depressed, this subterranean demolitions expert can bore his way into areas where no other ally would dare to tread. Recently reformatted following eons of deactivation at the hands of the Decepticons, this always dutiful Mol is usually called to search for organic life or to plant sophisticated silicon-encased explosives near Vehicon emplacements. When in bore mode, he can fire his metal tearing, serrated circular blade at attacking Vehicons with circuit-slicing accuracy. He projects a negative attitude that makes his fellow Maximals a bit uneasy. Not exactly "the life of the party," but reliable to a fault.

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