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SandstormPREDACON: Sandstorm

FUNCTION: Covert Ops Commander

"When destiny cries out my name, I must answer."

Although Predacon in name, Sandstorm seems to resemble a Maximal of old. A courageous commander of Predacon resistance forces, Sandstorm demands nothing less than utter commitment and total loyalty from his troops. He was instrumental in bringing together the warring factions of the Maximals and Predacons against the tyranny that inhabits Cybertron. His quick decisions and fair judgments are his foremost attributes that instill respect from both Predacon and Maximal alike. In both beast and robot modes, Sandstorm is paired with a cyber-bee infused with the Spark of a deceased comrade. Sandstorm's weaponry includes twin shock-concussion missiles which launch from his claws and a deadly electro-arc sting which erupts from his tail, disabling any foe within his immediate vicinity.

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