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PREDACON: Shokaract

FUNCTION: Universal Overlord

"The universe exists to serve me."

Not since the days of the Dark God, Unicron, has the universe felt such a presence of evil. Once a lowly Predacon warrior, Shokaract stumbled upon the life force of the Dark God during a failed recon mission. Fashioning a housing for this Dark Essence, Shokaract called it his Decepticon Matrix of Conquest. Serving as a mockery of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, the vessel that destroyed Unicron in 2005, the mere mention of this Matrix of Conquest would instill fear into the Spark of every Transformer for centuries to come. Shokaract's goal is frighteningly simple - the subjugation of the entire universe. His only opposition is pockets of resistance spread throughout the galaxy, attacking his Herald-led armies at every opportunity. With the Matrix of Conquest in his possession, Shokaract has no weakness.

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