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TigatronMAXIMAL: Tigatron

FUNCTION: Vok Avatar

"Maintain your balance and the rest will follow."

Following his death at the end of the Beast Wars, TIGATRON was reborn with Vok-enhanced pwers and has returned to Earth to aid his new commander, PRIMAL PRIME, in preventing the undead TARANTULAS from succeeding in his evil plans. In his Transmetal beast mode, TIGATRON can use his rocket packs to cruise at 400 km/hr up to a 4000 km range. His keen senses can zero in on a mouse's vital signs at a distance of 20 km. In robot mode, TIGATRON can use his deadly attack, Nature's Fury, which channels his Vok energies into a single devastating blast, breaking down matter at a molecular level. His twin cryo-blasters can instantly freeze both organic and metallic material to the millikelvin range, making tissue and armor alike extremely brittle and susceptible to fracture.

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