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Windrazor MAXIMAL: Windrazor

FUNCTION: Spark Stalker

"Wisdom is the perfect complement to recklessness."

After a tragic betrayal, a young Maximal warrior's life-force was nearly extinguished. A hardened veteran of the Great War voluntarily donated his withering Spark to save the mortally wounded youth. The resulting fusion mutated and merged the two forms to create a new breed of warrior. Now possessing a unique binary-Spark system, Windrazor strives to bring an end to the conflict raging across Cybertron. He possesses twin shoulder-mounted rocket launchers that quickly bring down his enemies. Windrazor also possesses the wit and wisdom of a battle-worn soldier and the youthful energy of a child. This deadly combination makes him a fierce and dangerous fighter in the war that ravages Cybertron and the rest of the universe.

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