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Apelinq's War Journals

Apelinq's War Journals, collected - MS Word Document (39 KB .doc)

Journal 1: The Terror Begins
Journal 2: Pieces of a Puzzle
Journal 3: Crumbling Edges
Journal 4: Chaos
Journal 5: The Tyrant Returns
Journal 6: Wreck and Rule
Journal 7: Circle of Dread
Journal 8: The Virus Revealed
Journal 9: Back From the Past
Journal 10: The Wait is Over
Journal 11: Two Against a World
Journal 12: A Cure is Found
Journal 13: Call From the Heavens
Journal 14: (Primal Prime) Assuming Command
Journal 15: Timewrecked
Journal 16: Re-visitations
Journal 17: The Frontiers of Our History
Journal 18: Point of No Return
Journal 19: Witness to the Covenant
Journal 20: Beyond Point Omega

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