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Apelinq's War Journals:
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Squadron Commander Apelinq
Wrecker Command Base, Delta Three
Personal Journal - Date Index 316.270 AU

By the divine weld - Rodimus lives! Somehow he's survived, apparently unaffected in the slightest way by Megatron's virus. After scouring half the planet to find other survivors, his report was clear: We now seem to occupy a dead world, controlled by a mindless swarm of drones Megatron has arrogantly named "Vehicons." But the rest of our team - all of them... Destroyed.

Yet Rodimus sternly reminded me: "We're still Wreckers, and we're still around." He's right; history has been less than kind to our ranks, but we still remain. As long as even one of us functions, we haven't been beaten.

We must survive.

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