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Apelinq's War Journals:
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Primal Prime, Acting Commander
Wrecker Command Base, Delta Five
Supplemental Journal - Date Index 316.292 AU

Squadron Commander Apelinq, the leader of a Cybertronian special operations team, was ultimately sent through the same portal that brought us here, before he could inoculate the rest of my crew. Apelinq's attempt to close the transwarp gateway was cut short by one of the attacking Generals, who plunged him straight into the void as it closed around them both...

My memory tells me so much and yet so little. The very idea that I've been met by the legendary "Wreckers" has left me with some degree of assurance - even though their current roster now hangs at one lone survivor. And while I thought Rodimus would object, he seems strangely comfortable with my assumption of command... I sense an unusual kinship with this Autobot veteran; it is almost as if we have met before in another time and place.

In Apelinq's absence, we are left with the task of re-orienting our newfound team toward the battle ahead - a battle involving a homeworld that is at once strangely familiar and yet all-too-distant to me at this point.

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