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Apelinq's War Journals:
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Squadron Commander Apelinq
Self Diagnostic Program - Contingency
Personal Journal
Fixed Date Index Unknown

With Mirage now out of the way, I can begin searching for my transfer interlink - struck loose from my chassis as we fell through the transwarp gateway. Of course, once I reclaim the device, my immediate problems are far from over. I may find it and reclaim my cure for Megatron's virus, but it will do Cybertron or my comrades little good if I am trapped on this unknown planet forever. I only wish I had more time to debrief "Primal Prime" before I was sent to this Spark-forsaken place.

No telling where or when I am; Prime's introductions were cryptic at best and transwarp travel has a nasty habit of taking random turns. Primal Prime could've left this place eons ago, or he could be prepping his ship for takeoff as I code this very entry. What did he mean about "ending the war?" Just what were he and his crew doing here?

As I search the horizon for answers, I am left with one resounding thought: This world is strikingly resemblant of the descriptions I've read about ancient Earth.

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