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Apelinq's War Journals:
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Squadron Commander Apelinq
Self Diagnostic Program - Contingency
Personal Journal
Fixed Date Index Unknown

Primus must have a sense of humor after all... It now appears the quantum tunnel somehow sent me back to prehistoric Earth, casting me in the role of a background player in Optimus Primal and Megatron's private little war on the frontiers of our own history. I'm now torn between my mission to return home and the hope that further investigation into the events of this time may help the Wreckers reclaim Cybertron in our own.

With the interlink once again in hand, my artificial transwarp program should work - I only await a temporal polestar that will allow me to reopen the gateway that brought me here. As confident as I am that my plan will succeed, I keep subprocessing the possibility that Megatron should be stopped in the here and now. "Preserving the timeline" matters less and less to me as I observe the tyrant from afar.

Megatron tramples on the sacred ground of our race's heritage, begging to be put down...

No... I must complete my mission. We Wreckers have our own war to fight, in our own time.

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