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Apelinq's War Journals:
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Squadron Commander Apelinq
Wrecker Command Base, Delta Three
Personal Journal - Date Index 316.258 AU

Still no communication from Rodimus and the team. I can only assume they've been lost with the others. If this malevolent force can best the last of the Templars, what hope do I have to fight against it? The empty glow of my monitor station provides little solace. With every reading I take, a circle of dread draws closer and closer around me. No life signs. No comm traffic. Nothing.

In less than a stellar cycle, Megatron has turned our homeworld into a darkened, silent husk. Hidden deep within these fortress walls, the phantoms of Cybertron's storied past seem to be speaking to me. Perhaps they whisper things that I dare not tell myselfÖ

I may be the last Transformer alive on this planet.

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