BotCon 2006 Board Wars!

Board vs. Board

BRUTAL Questions

Only the strongest survive!

Who will move on the next level?

A brain twister.

Be ready!

Next up!

Head to head

Running the show...

...behind the scenes.

Ready, set, go!

Another tough one!

Rik on the mike

Rik takes no flack.

Who will survive.

This is tense.

The Last Battle

Who will break under pressure?

Grueling competition

A battle of minds.

Everything is riding on this game!

The final round

Does ALL SPARK know?

Buzz in...QUICK!

Fierce Competition

Down to the wire...

Congratulations all around.

Making history!

The honor...

The majesty...

The glory...

The braggin' rights!


The Prestigous BotCon Board Wars Medal