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BotCon 2006 Artists!
UPDATED 09.21.06

We are very pleased to have several Transformers Comic Artists at this years show. Don't miss this opportunity to meet the pros, see their work and get a sketch of your favorite character!


Don Figueroa - A fan-favorite among fans new and old alike, Don Figueroa is also one of the most prolific of Transformers artists. In addition to the long-awaited and extremely well-received Transformers: Beast Wars: The Gathering miniseries, Don has many other projects under way for 2006, from The Transformers: Stormbringer with writer Simon Furman to a retelling of the animated movie with Bob Budiansky. Don will be signing copies of his work, doing sketches, and maybe--just maybe--discussing his future TF plans as well.


Alex Milne - Transformers Comic Book Artist Alex Milne has worked on Transformers More Than Meets the Eye Armada #2 and 3, Energon #26-29, The unreleased Energon #31, Covers for Energon #30 and Micromasters #4 and the box art for Alternators Jazz and Grimlock, plus issues #4 and #5 of the third volume of the GIJoe vs. Transformers The Art of War miniseries by Devil's Due. In addition Alex also penciled 4 pages of the BotCon 2006 comic book and will be selling prints and doing sketches for the fans at the convention.


Dan Khanna - Dan's worked on the pencils for number of Transformers convention books from 2001 to the present Timelines Beast Wars convention Special and currently pencils the ongoing TCC newsletter comic strip. He's worked on everything from statue design work for Hard Hero, to designs for TF T-shirts, commerative plates, pin-ups, and a variety of other illustration services for many licensees for the Transformers brand for a number of years. He also works on the pencils and/or color art on many of the TF toy box art illustrations for Hasbro for several years now on both store exclusives and the mainline products.

Jake Isenberg has always aspired to be a comic book inker. Whether inking his own work or inking other great pencillers, his first love has always been inking. His main inking influences are Scott Williams and Gary Martin.

His first professional break came when the opportunity was given to ink Joe Ng's cover for the Botcon 2006 Transformers Timelines comic Published by Fun Pub Comics. Jake also inked 9 pages of the comic's interior pages that were pencilled by Dan Khanna. He has also pencilled and inked art for the TFCC that appeared in a previous edition of the Fan Club newsletter. Jake's art is always a fan favorite whenever it turns up whether in print or online forums.

Drew Eiden has been coloring since 2002. His most recent work can be seen in the latest issue of Transformers: Timelines chronicling the events before the Beast Wars TV series. His previous credits include multi-issue coloring work for the Transformers Collector's Club Magazine biographies as well as preview art for fan fictions as part of the Allspark Battle Protocol CD in 2003. He aspires artistically to do more work with comic books, especially Transformers, and finish earning his Business Administration degree from Le Moyne college in Syracuse, NY. His full gallery can be seen at Drew will be attending his third Botcon in 2006.

Marcelo Matere is a Brazilian artist. He has been a freelance artist for Hasbro since 2002 working on the Transformers package art illustrations and doing some toy design for Transformers and the B-Daman line. He has also worked on The Transformers Genesis Book, TF MTME G1 #4-7, TF MTME Armada #2, TF Energon #30, some pages for the unreleased TF War Within vol.3 #3, plus the cover and pencils for Transformers Universe issue #3 by 3H. In addition Marcelo penciled 2 pages of the BotCon 2006 comic book. In addition this November, Marcelo will have two different character profiles as well as some additional art featured in the Diamond release of Transformers Timelines #1.