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BotCon 2006 Guests!
UPDATED 09.05.06

This is the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars and to celebrate, we are very proud to announce that Blu Mankuma, Richard Newman, Pauline Newstone and Scott McNeil will be attending their very first BotCon this year in Lexington, KY! Wow! What a great group of guests. Blu is the voice of Tigatron, Richard is the voice of Rhinox, and Pauline is the voice of Airazor. We are very proud to bring you all of these fine Beast Wars voice actors! Plan now to attend BotCon 2006 to meet these amazing and legendary talents in the world of Transformers. Take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions to Transformers and to add their autographs to your collection. In addition, Simon Furman (Trans-writer extroidenaire) will be in attendance as well as the guys from IDW Publishing.

We are also VERY pleased to announce the appearance of Peter Cullen!

*Please note - All guest autographs are FREE for BotCon
Attending Package holders.*



Peter Cullen - Best known as the original voice of Optimus Prime from the G-1 cartoon series and Transformers: The Movie, this legend of the Transformers world will be appearing at BotCon 2006! Most fans know by now that Mr.Cullen has been cast as the voice of Optimus Prime in the live-action Transformers Movie currently in production. Come meet this icon in person!


Blu Mankuma - Has appeared in many movies and television shows in addition to his well known voice work. Best known to Transfomrmers fans as Tigatron from Beast Wars, he was more recently the voice of Heavy Duty in G.I. Joe : Valor Vs. Venom and G.I. Joe: Spytroops. His list of credits spans over two and a half decades. Join us in Lexington, Kentucky this year as we welcome this incredible talent.

Richard Newman - Included in Mr. Newman's impressive and lengthy list of voice credits are Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Transformers Cybertron, X-Men: Evolution and Reboot.

Pauline Newstone - In addition to Beast Wars, Paulines distinctive voice can also be heard in episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Inu Yasha, X-Men: Evolution and numerous other animated series since the late 80s. Her work as Air Razor has endeared her to Transformers fans the world over.

Scott McNeil - Probably best known as the voices of Waspinator , Dinobot and Rattrap from Beast Wars, Mr. McNeil has had a long and varied career in voice acting. He has voiced characters for G.I. Joe, Bionicle and both Transformers: Cybertron and Transformers Armada.

Simon Furman - Arguably one of the best known and beloved of Transformers scribes, Simon Furman will be at BotCon 2006. Mr. Furman has, more than almost anyone else, left his personal mark on the Transformers mythos and has earned his place in history as a chronicaller of their mythos. He is currently working with IDW Publishing on The Transformers: Stormbringer,
Transformers Spotlights, The Transformers: Escalation, and a new Beast Wars miniseries for '07.


IDW Publishing Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall and editor Dan Taylor will be on hand to discuss The Transformers' return to comic books--past, present, and future. With the conclusion of the first chapter The Transformers: Infiltration, an all-new chapter begins with The Transformers: Escalation with Simon Furman and Don Figueroa! And what roles do Transformers: Stormbringer and the Transformers Spotlight series--including the BotCon 06 Exclusive edition of Transformers Spotlight: Nightbeat--play in the the scheme of all things? Also, what does the future hold for Transformers comic books, and how will IDW be involved with the release of 2007's movie-event?