A note about BotCon Exclusives

A week or so ago we announced that there would be some limits placed on the BotCon souvenir purchases at the show this coming weekend.  This message relates to the unannounced two souvenir sets and has no effect on the boxed BotCon sets.

Because of the high number of Primus package holders who have pre-registered, here are the rules we are putting in place to make the sales of these items as fair as they can be:

Primus package holders (who pre-registered) will be limited to one set each of the souvenir pieces (there are two sets) per person (not package).  For example, if you purchased three Primus packages in your name, you will only be able to purchase one set each of the two souvenir sets.  Only Primus package holders will be allowed to purchase these items on Thursday and Friday.

There are barely enough pieces for each pre-registered Primus package holder to purchase one per person. This is even after we manufactured 25% more pieces than the previous year's souvenirs.  We wish there were more but unfortunately there are not.

We also do not guarantee that walk-up registrants on Friday will have this souvenir purchase opportunity. We will make that decision on Thursday night after close of registration, as we will re-inventory. 

We will hold enough sets until Friday close of business, so that every pre-registered Primus package holder has the opportunity to purchase a souvenir set (if they want it).

On Saturday morning, if there are any available, we will then offer them to the Dealers (one set each) via a raffle system if so needed.  After that, we will open it to the Protoform package holders and then if there are any left, we will open it back up to the Primus Package holders and then the General Public.  We do have systems in place so that we can tell exactly who purchased what.

We are very excited about seeing you at the show.

The Dealer Room is sold-out (200+ tables), the guest list is terrific, and the activities will be outstanding at BotCon '06!  The response has been overwhelming and we are looking forward to the best BotCon ever!

We appreciate your support of the club and the show and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

See you this weekend in Lexington!