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BotCon 2006 DVD Screening!
UPDATED 09.25.06

In co-operation with the home entertainment group of SONY BMG Music Entertainment, BotCon 2006 will present an advance DVD screening of
TRANFORMERS The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition! This is your chance to see this newly restored legendary animated film on a big screen, AT A THEATER, in a special midnight movie setting! Join your fellow Transfans at Midnight on Friday
September 29th for this fun and memorable event. All BotCon package holders
(Primus, Minicon and Protoform) and BotCon dealers will receive special passes
for this one time event. Passes and full details will be available at BotCon registration onThursday the 28th. This special screening is not open to the general public. Tickets will not be sold. Only BotCon package holders and dealers will receive passes.

Lenticular DVD Cover

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