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BotCon 2006 Updates!

The BotCon Staff is back 'in office' and
more images from BotCon will be forthcoming!
Just Added - Check out the Contest entries!

The BIG News announced at the Awards Party
on Saturday night at BotCon 2006 is the location of
NEXT YEAR'S BotCon! Join us in 2007 in Providence
Rhode Island, June 28 - July 1, as we join Hasbro for
a celebration of the NEW Live-Action

If you can't be in Lexington for BotCon, be sure
to check here for updates and images from
the show all weekend long!

Click HERE for updated information about
BotCon Exclusives availablity.

The first 100 children (ages 12 and under) through the
door on Saturday and Sunday at BotCon 2006,
will recieve a FREE Transformers figure!

Check out the BotCon 2006 Radio Commercial that will
be airing in Lexington all next week!
(CAUTION! - This link may play immediately
if you have your Quicktime preferences set to
play back MP3 files automatically.)

The Featured Artists Page has been updated!

The BotCon 2006 Schedule has has been added
in a web viewable format!

Dealer space for BotCon 2006 is SOLD OUT!
This show is going to HUGE. Don't miss it!

The Schedule for BotCon 2006 has been
added in PDF format!

Transformers Artist Dan Khana will be at BotCon!

TODAY (9-15-06) is the deadline for pre-registering for
attendees and the last day to revieve FREE shipping on
non-attendee packages! There will be a limited amount
of boxed set packages available for walk up registrants
at the show, but this set is going FAST!

Check out the BotCon Comic Preview Page!

In co-operation with the home entertainment group of SONY BMG Music
Entertainment, BotCon 2006 will present an advance DVD screening of
TRANFORMERS The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition!
This is your chance to see this newly restored legendary animated film on a big screen,
AT A THEATER, in a special midnight movie setting! Join your fellow Transfans at
Midnight on Friday September 29th for this fun and memorable event. All BotCon package
holders (Primus, Minicon and Protoform) and BotCon dealers will receive special passes
for this one time event. Passes and full details will be available at BotCon
registration onThursday the 28th.

Check THIS out! BotCon attendees will be able register at
the HASBRO booth for a chance to win a TRANSFORMERS
action figure in their likeness! Click HERE to download the rules!

Check out the Muscial Guest for the BotCon 2006 Awards Party.

Check out the NEW BotCon Featured Artists section!

PETER CULLEN, the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME, will be making an
appearance at this year's BotCon in Lexington, KY!
Additional details to be announced soon.

BotCon 2006 Contest guidelines are available for download. This PDF file
also contains the judging sheets that will be used in order to better plan
your entries. The link is in the left hand menu.

"Faction Feud - Battle of the Boards!"
If your Website is putting together a team for this "Family Feud"-style game show,
please email Lisa at Check out the Convention Brochure
for more details! The entry deadline is September 1st!

Also...if your website is interested in hosting the video room at BotCon 2006,
please contact Lisa at

Response has been tremendous! The Thursday and Wednesday
classes are both filled. There are no more slots available!