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The Transformers brand has been a rite of passage for millions of boys around the world for over 20 years. Through those years, we have been entertained by G1, G2, Beast Wars, Robots in Disguise, Armada, Universe, Energon, Cybertron, and Alternators. As different as all of these are, they all come from the same core. They have all grown from a rich story arc of well-loved characters along with unbelievable engineering and design to create the greatest line of toys on this planet. So join us in Lexington, KY, September 28-October 1, as we celebrate Transformers from all Generations.

Convention Premiums

BotCon 2006 brings you another outstanding collection of figures that is a must have for every collector. This set will be the star in every Transformers fan's collection as it tells an untold story. Bringing together classic characters, along with two new head sculpts; this set celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Beast Wars.

Here's the story…

For centuries, there has been peace between the Maximals and Predacons, an uneasy, yet stable truce allowing Cybertron to thrive long after the last days of the Great War. The Great War, the end of which found the Decepticons finally falling victim to their quest for power, at long last was over. Many of the last Autobots, having achieved a final victory, found peace in the secluded parts of their home planet. However, three stayed behind to help guide the young Maximal population to prepare them for that inevitable day when those who want to conquer Cybertron would return.

The Predacons, born from what remained of the original five, emerged only to find that the Maximals, like their Autobot ancestors, would not surrender to oppression and tyranny. So, a truce was made between the mysterious Maximal High Command and the current ruling council of the Predacon army. But now, a renegade (neither side anticipated) has taken up the mantle of his namesake and prepares for a new war to begin. On the other side of the galaxy, the Commander of a small group of Maximals on an exploration ship will soon find that they are the only ones who stand between this renegade and the conquest of Cybertron.

"Optimus Primal, this is Maximal High Command. A Predacon who goes by the name of Megatron has stolen the Golden Disk. You and your Axalon crew are to intercept his ship and retrieve the disk at any cost. The future of our world depends on it!”

"Well now, that's just Prime!” -Optimus

Before the Battle of the Spark, before the Beast Wars, and in the tradition of the War Within, BotCon 2006 presents this September: "The Dawn of Futures Past!” a Transformers set and story from where it all begins.

This one-of-a-kind five figure set consists of: Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Rhinox, Cheetor, and Dinobot in their pre-Beast Wars Cybertronian forms. When you see these ‘bots, you will recognize them as the pre-cursors to the Beast Wars characters we all know and love. This set of figures is truly amazing and provides you with a glimpse into their personalities in a way never seen before. Bob Forward (original Beast Wars writer) has been a member of the consulting team for this prequel to the Beast Wars story. This set comes in the same collector friendly art display box as the 2005 set along with special Golden Disk Keys.

To recap this terrific offer, you get five figures along with their personal weapon and Golden Disk Key. This set comes packed in foam in a large illustrated deluxe box. It will become the centerpiece of your collection as the set completes the trilogy beginning with The Dawn of Futures Past, the saga of the Beast Wars and concluding with Beast Machines. Don't wait to place your order as this set is limited to 750 editions.* Watch the website for photographs of these amazing figures as soon as they become available.

Lexington, KY

The city of Lexington is the perfect place to begin your adventure. Located within a day's drive of 75% of the U.S. population, Lexington is the northernmost city in the South, and it's centrally located in the Bluegrass Region at the crossroads of I-75 and I-64. If arriving by air, be sure to request a window seat to witness one of America's most beautiful air approaches. Blue Grass Airport is a convenient 10-minute drive from downtown (FREE shuttle to and from the Hyatt).

Home to 450 horse farms, Lexington is considered the Horse Capital of the World. Some of its wealthiest residents are horses. Settled in 1775, Lexington soon became known as the "Athens of the West.” Today, there are plenty of museums, art galleries, shopping opportunities, historic homes, sporting venues and restaurants guaranteed to please a variety of tastes. Keep in mind that your Bluegrass experience only begins in Lexington. In surrounding towns, you'll discover Civil War battlefields, bourbon distilleries and world-famous arts and crafts. You can walk the quiet paths of a restored Shaker village, take a scenic drive on country roads or hike sweeping gorges and fish nearby lakes. No matter how you choose to experience Lexington and the surrounding Bluegrass Region, you're bound to leave with wonderful memories of its history and hospitality.

Convention Weekend Overview

Our four days of fabulous Transformers fun begins with a tour of Toyota's largest plant in North America featuring their advanced robotic manufacturing techniques (ok, a few people work there too). After being mesmerized by Toyota, we will be off to the Buffalo Trace Distillery for lunch and their "hard hat” tour with a behind-the-scenes look at the entire distilling process.

Registration pick-up will be on Thursday evening from 6 pm-10 pm in the Lexington Center. Sign up on or before July 1, 2006 and your registration time will be from 6 pm-8 pm. Sign up after that date and your registration time will start at 8pm. All of your documents will be color coded so we will know to which group you belong. Walk up registrations will not be taken until Friday morning. To purchase any of the convention souvenirs (yes – they're a secret!) on Thursday night, you must have on your convention name badge. You are welcome on Thursday night (or any time the Sales Room is closed) to trade room to room. Make sure you use the official message board to let folks know where your room is located.

On Thursday Night after registration closes, we will be hosting MSTF! So join Greg "M Sipher” Sepelak and crew for another hilarious evening of Transformers parody.

Friday morning will start with dealer set up from 7:30 am to 2 pm, while late registration pick-up will start at 8:30 am along with contest set-up. Seminars will start at 10 am. Watch for future announcements in the TCC newsletters and online at for the complete list of scheduled events.

The registered attendee Private Sales Room Experience will be from 2-5 pm. This special Sales Room shopping time is only for BotCon registered package holders. Our special guests will be on hand for autographs during this time as well.

New this year is Game Night on Friday evening. This will be an opportunity for you to battle other collectors in the new Transformers Attacktix and other miniature or card based games.

On Saturday morning, the sales floor will open early for registered attendees with the general public being admitted at 10 am. Collecting panels/seminars/autographs will run throughout the day. Hourly door prizes will be awarded and you must be present to win.

On Saturday night at 7pm there will be a new version of a couple of past events. We will be hosting an "Awards Party” dinner which will be a mixture of past years' Casino Nights and Awards' Dinners. This will be great fun for all.

Sunday will provide you with the opportunity to attend additional panels/seminars, spend more time in the sales room, along with the chance to win door prizes. At 3 pm, we will draw for two FREE trips to the 2007 convention and you must be present to win. Make sure you are in the Sales Room at 3 pm!

Contests this year include 3-D Custom Figure and 3-D Diorama along with the 2-D Computer Generated Art, 2-D Hand Drawn Art Color and 2-D Hand Drawn Art Black and White.

Special services available include package shipping, and courtesy/video room for breaks. If you have any special needs including handicap access services or dietary concerns, please let us know by Sept 1, so that we can make the proper arrangements for you.

2006 will be the inaugural year for the BotCon Spark Fan Achievement Awards. During Friday and Saturday, fans in attendance at BotCon will vote on the following Awards for Transformers websites: Best News Website, Best Resource Website, and Best Website Design. Plan now to be on hand to vote for your favorite websites!

Registered Attendee Packages

There are 4 different convention packages available:

The Primus Package consists of: five-figure boxed set (with weapons and Golden Disk Keys) which includes Maximals Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, Rhinox and Predacon Dinobot all packaged in their illustrated display box, a certificate of authenticity, tech specs, convention pin, convention name badge, convention program with comic, admittance to the sales room including the Private Sales Room Experience on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday, admittance to the Awards Party, and admittance to all convention panels/seminars (tours additional). You will also receive $50 in gaming coupons for Awards Party and Casino night. This year's figure set is outstanding! We have spared no expense on this set and we know you will love it. Cost for registration is $299 for non-members, or $249 for club members. You will receive your convention items upon check-in at the convention. The pre-convention tour is available for an additional charge. NOTE: Primus Package attendees will receive an extra convention piece not available with the non-attending package, however you must pick up your convention package in person.* This extra piece will not be sold and is our gift to you for making the trip. Only the Primus Package holders can be entered in the free trip give-aways on Sunday at 3 pm. Please note: 6% Kentucky sales tax will be added to each attending order.*

The Mini-Con Package includes: the Awards Party event, name badge and admittance to all show events (tours additional). This package can only be purchased in conjunction with the Primus Package and is offered so that accompanying family members can join in the fun. Cost is $75 per Mini-Con for the first package and (for club members) $60 for each family member beyond that. Each Primus Package is limited to four additional Mini-Con Packages.* Please note: 6% Kentucky sales tax will be added to each attending order.*

The Protoform Package includes: convention pin, name badge, convention program with comic, admittance to the sales room including the private preview of the sales room on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday, and admittance to all convention seminars (tours additional). Cost is $159 for non-members or $114 for club members. This package does not include the Awards Party event or any products.* Please note: 6% Kentucky sales tax will be added to each attending order.*

The Iacon Package includes: everything in the above Primus Package (except admittance to show events and secret attendance gift) with all items being shipped three to four weeks after the show to your home planet. This package is for those who cannot attend the show. Use the BotCon registration form to order this package. Cost is $299 ppd for non-members, or $249 ppd for club members.*

The first 100 Primus or Iacon Package registrations postmarked by July 1, 2006 will receive a special Golden Disk cloisonné lapel pin.*

In addition, 175 Primus or Iacon Package holders (provided that you are a club member) have the opportunity to purchase a second set of the five-figure convention set (in poly bags, no box, no certificate, etc) for $129. This will provide you with the opportunity to increase your ‘bots for maximum display impact without having to take your figures out of the display box. Please remember that our special convention figures will NEVER be sold at retail stores and are extremely limited. This extra set is limited to one per Primus or Iacon boxed Package purchased.*

BotCon package confirmations will begin mailing in August.

Dealer Information

Dealer booths are $300 and consist of two 8' tables and one 6' table and are approximately 11' wide by 8' deep. Single tables are $160. Dealer booth contracts and payments postmarked by July 1, will receive a $25 discount (single tables are not discounted and are not available in multiples, only one per dealer). A Dealer Booth includes two badges, while single tables include one badge. Each Dealer Booth will receive the surprise gift item. Standard electrical hookups for all booths or tables are $75 per hook up (total for all three days). Telephone service can be provided at a cost of $100. Booths and tables are limited. Placement in the ballroom will be assigned in the order the registrations are received. The earlier your registration is received, the closer your booth will be to the front of the Sales Room. The entire facility is air-conditioned and carpeted. Dealer's product content must be at least 65% Transformers related. This means robots, action figures, comics, sci-fi or related products. General toys or dolls are not allowed. Dealers must collect the 6% Kentucky sales tax. You do not have to obtain a sales tax number, remittal forms will be provided at the show.


This show will be heavily promoted with ads in major toy publications as well as in local media outlets. The convention will also be promoted on our web site, which receives over 1.5 million hits per month. How big is this show going to be? It's going to be a giant event! We have added activities and guests that have never been to BotCon before! This venue is within a day's drive for 75% of the US population. Midwestern shows have always had a great draw and this one will be bigger than ever.


The Hyatt can handle your in-bound shipments, however please note that there is a $5 receiving fee per box (under 50 lbs). If you need to ship incidental packages to the show, you can send them to: Amy Lett, BotCon, (your name) arriving guest (date), Hyatt Regency, 401 W High Street, Lexington, KY 40507. If you have large shipments, please call our office so that we can give you directions on how to send a timed shipment. These shipments will need to ship to the Lexington Center, not the hotel. Large shipments that arrive palletized on Thursday will not receive any handling charges as we will receive them for you and drop them in your booth space.

Mail Boxes Etc. will have a booth at the show to assist you in shipping your items home. They will have all types of packing materials and boxes available at the show as well. Prices will vary according to distance and weight.


The Hyatt Regency is the best hotel in Lexington, KY not only because of its rooms, but also because of its location. This landmark location places you in the heart of downtown, steps away from the Lexington Convention Center. This hotel features high-speed Internet access, an indoor pool, a health facility and complimentary overnight self-parking. There are over 80 restaurants within walking distance of the hotel as well as a food court attached to the hotel in the adjacent Lexington Center (lexing RATE: Our special room rate is $129 per night which is a $20 discount on their regular rate. You can call 800-233-1234 or 859-253-1234 or group Number G-TRAN to make your reservation. Make sure you tell them you are coming to the BotCon Transformers Collectors' Convention. The hotel offers a FREE shuttle from the airport. The hotel also offers free parking in the Lexington Convention Center lots.

Hasbro Designers' Art Contests

Over $1,000 worth of prizes will be awarded! Each art contest will be judged by the Hasbro Designers and the winners will receive show dollars that they can spend with any dealer at the show. There are five different Art Contests: 3-D Custom Figure (space limited to 24” x 24”) 1st $125, 2nd $65, and 3rd $35; Diorama 48” x 30” 1st $150, 2nd $75, and 3rd $40. The 2-D Art Contests are Computer Generated Art, Hand Drawn Art Color and Hand Drawn Art Black and White with the following show dollar prizes of 1st $100, 2nd $50, and 3rd $25.

Please stay within the dimensions for the contest you are entering. Oversized pieces will not be accepted. Each contest is limited to two entries per person per contest and you must be present to enter. Please do not bring any entries that have won in past convention contests. All 2-D entries must not be larger than 20” x 24” and not smaller than 8” x 10” and must be mounted (this can be on foam board or cardboard so that we can hang the art on the wall). If you have a problem mounting your entry before you come, please let us know so that we can have the appropriate supplies available for you at the show.

There will also be an area for kids to display their Special Transformers Displays. Each child is limited to one display that will fit inside a 24” x 24” space. If you are planning to bring a display or contest entry, please call or email by September 1, to ensure that we have space available.

All winners will be announced Saturday night at the Awards Party & Casino Night. Please let us know by September 1, 2006 if you intend to enter a contest so we can make sure we have enough space available. If you need a copy of the judging criteria, please send us a SASE or download them from All entries must be in place for judging by noon on Friday.

Also while you are in the contest area, make sure you check out the concept art furnished by the Hasbro Designers for your viewing pleasure.

Special Guests

As we all know, this is the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars and to celebrate, we are very proud to announce that Blu Mankuma, Richard Newman and Pauline Newstone will be attending their very first BotCon this year in Lexington, KY! Wow! What a great group of guests. Blu is the voice of Tigatron, Richard is the voice of Rhinox, and Pauline is the voice of Airazor. We are very proud to bring you all of these fine Beast Wars Characters.

On the comic book front, IDW Publishing, the official TRANSFORMERS comic-book licensee will be in attendance, as will fan favorite, Simon Furman.  Be sure to check out IDW's panel, as they give us all an inside look at their first year of publishing Transformers comics … and maybe even a sneak peak into year two!

Faction Feud- The Battle of the Boards

This year we will be bringing you the first ever Faction Feud! This game show will be between different Transformers web sites and will be run in the tradition of everyone's favorite game show "Family Feud”. We invite Transformers websites to assemble their teams of 5 people to compete in this all out battle of Transformers fan knowledge. Please have your team entered by September 1, 2006 so that we can make appropriate pairings.

In addition, there will be Seminars and Panels presented on Transformers Collecting, the Transformers Collectors' Club Roundtable and of course HASBRO will be on hand with their presentation of the Spring ‘07 products and much, much more. Seminars and Panels will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each seminar will last approximately 45 minutes and seat approximately 500 people. Registered guests will have a special Hasbro Roundtable presented on Friday morning. Watch the BotCon website for the official schedule sometime in September.

Customizing Transformers Class

Our first Seminar will be held on Thursday September 28 starting at 9:30 AM. This will be the first ever Transformers Customizing class taught by Shawn Tessman. Shawn will take you through all of the intricacies of disassembling, modifying, painting and reassembling your new creations. This is a hands-on class and each participant will receive two never assembled or painted Transformers figures still in their poly bags from the factory. You will customize your Transformers figures in the class and then they will go on display at the show. This class is limited to 20 people and due to the use of knives, you must be 12 years of age or older. Minors must have a parent in the class with them.

Cost $30 per person.

Courtesy and Video Room

You can rest and relax with your friends in the Courtesy Room, which will be open during all show hours. There will be refreshments available for registered attendees. Make sure you check the message board for the list of rooms that will offer room-to-room trading. In addition, we are inviting websites to sponsor (at no cost to the website) the Video Room during BotCon. Websites, take this opportunity to thank your members by hosting this fan event! If you are interested, please let us know by July 1 so that we can assign your day and time.

Game Night

New this year is Game Night on Friday evening. This will be an opportunity for you to battle other collectors in the new Transformers Attacktix and other miniature or card based games. Bring your gaming supplies for this great evening of fun with your fellow fans. In addition, we will also be hosting an Attacktix tournament Saturday and Sunday. You need to sign up for this tournament by 10 am on Saturday; pairings will begin at 10:30. The winner will get to play the Hasbro Attacktix Brand Manager on Sunday!

Awards Party Dinner and Casino Night

On Saturday night, we have combined our ever popular Casino Night with our Awards Dinner into an Awards Party, which will be a truly fun and memorable evening. Each Primus attendee will receive $50 in gaming coupons. Donations will be accepted for additional gaming coupons (proceeds will go to charity). Things will work a little differently this year. Instead of an auction at the end of the evening, we will be offering door prizes to those who are actively playing during the evening. When you win a door prize, you will get to pick from the large assortment we will have on display at the show. These will consist of great prizes just like past Casino Nights! Dealers who donate items will receive gaming coupons as well. Let's all pitch in for charity and make a big donation.

The evening will also consist of special entertainment from our voice actor guests as well as the presentation of the BotCon Spark Fan Achievement Awards and the Art Contest winners. If you or your organization is in the running for one of these awards, make sure you are at this great event to accept it!

General Admission / General Admission Parking

General Admission for the Sales Room is available on Saturday: 9am Early Bird $50; Regular Admission 10 am-5 pm Adults $9, Children $5 (4 and under free); and Sunday 9:30 am-3 pm. Parking is free in the hotel and Lexington Center lot.

Door Prizes

Hourly door prizes will be awarded at ten minutes to the hour each day while the sales room is open. Prizes will include all different types of Transformers and memorabilia. At 3 pm on Sunday, we will draw for two free trips to the 2007 Convention (including domestic airfare). You must be present in the Sales Room to win!

Pre-Convention Tour

We will start our week with a tour to two of Kentucky's finest companies. If you sign up for the Thursday tour, you will pick up your registration materials on Wednesday night from 8:30 pm-9:30 pm. Sign-up today! Your whole family will enjoy this informative outing.

Thursday, September 28, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Kentucky's Finest Tour

Our day will start with a tour of Toyota's largest production plant in North America where we will see real robots in action. This tram tour carries visitors through the Stamping, Body Weld and Assembly sections of the plant. After the plant tour, you can explore the interactive exhibits at the Visitors' Center and gift shop.

We will arrive at Buffalo Trace distillery around 12:45 for lunch (included) featuring the local dish "Hot Brown” (an open face turkey and bacon sandwich), salad, cinnamon green beans, butter parsley red potatoes and bourbon cake (please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions). After lunch, we will take their "hard hat” behind-the-scenes of a modern day distillery.

As you enter Buffalo Trace, you'll notice the stone Rock Hill Mansion where Albert Blanton, who began making whiskey at this location along the Kentucky River in the late 1860s, lived. The tour of Buffalo Trace begins at the gift shop and includes a warehouse and a small bottling house where the distillery's popular "single-barrel” bourbons- Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms, Hancock's Reserve and Elmer T. Lee - are bottled and sealed by hand. Buffalo Trace introduced the single-barrel bourbon concept in 1984.

We will arrive back at the Hyatt by 5 pm. If you are on this tour, you will have already received your registration materials on Wednesday night so you can go directly to the souvenir sales when registration starts at 6 pm.

Cost: $48 per person

Convention Dress

For the Saturday Awards Party, dress is smart casual (shirts with collars please-no t-shirts). Lexington can be cool this time of year with the highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s. It should be a terrific weekend in Kentucky!

The Transformers Collectors' Club Wants You!

We have spent many long hours planning and researching this event. This event is designed so that you will have a terrific time. So, take time out of your busy schedule and bring your friends and family to this once-in-a-lifetime weekend of Transformers collecting. We want every member of the club to attend because this is your event! If you are interested in handing out flyers in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to send you some.

*Convention packages, guests, contents, activities, tours and quantities are subject to change without notice.