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The organizers of BotCon® 2000 were the proud recipients of the Grand Wayne Center's Sam Hanna Award. From the newsletter "Front & Center," Spring/Summer, 2001, edition:

"Grand Wayne Center presented eleven state, regional and national organizations with the Center's coveted SAM HANNA AWARD.

"Among the 500 different events held at the Grand Wayne Center throughout 2000, these
eleven honored organizations, alone, hosted over 6,000 people and generated $3 million of new moneys into the Fort Wayne economy.

"The Hanna Award is named after early Fort Wayne developer and businessman Samuel Hanna, most noted for his influence in building Fort Wayne's first plank roads, the construction of the Wabash-Erie canal, and the routing of the Pittsburgh-Fort Wayne-Chicago Railroad -- all methods of transporting people and goods into and out of Fort Wayne.

"The Hanna Award itself is a replica walking stick, typical of the one carried by Sam Hanna and a sign of social achievement in the 1850's. The awards are hand-crafted in Fort Wayne, featuring a one-pound, solid bronze grip, an engraved solid brass sheath and brass tip. The shaft of the cane is solid walnut, hand-turned and finished.

"The Grand Wayne Center has presented the SAM HANNA AWARD each year, since 1986, to qualified recipients instrumental in bringing their convention to Fort Wayne and the Grand Wayne Center."


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